Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunny and Warm Wednesday

What a day we had yesterday. Just like summer. We started early and finished up bringing stuff to the road for pick up and just as well as they started coming around after lunch to get it.

A while back I bought some spray paint for plastic as I have a white plastic outdoor table which I hadn't used in some time and six white chairs that I only hauled out when I had more guests than I had chairs for. The reason for not using these items is that over the years they've gotten stained, grotty and horrible to look at. Oh yes, and a white serving cart on wheels. The only colour paint I could get out of the very few colours that were available and that appealed to me was red. So, as it was a lovely day with very little wind, I figured now is the time to do this. I took the legs off the table, put a sheet of plastic down and started spraying the table top. After three coats the colour was still see through pink. I couldn't see it getting any better even if I used up all of the two cans I bought. Frustrated, I said to himself, "That's the end of that nonsense, I'm finished with it." It was playing on my mind while I was doing other things when a light bulb went on in my head......maybe I should check on the internet how to clean this furniture, duh!!
I read, if I mixed up 50% bleach and 50% water, sprayed the furniture in the sun all the grotty stuff will come off like magic. Sure it will I sarcastically said to myself. Ok, ok, I'm talking to myself now, might as well give it a go. I did, it worked like magic, didn't even have to wipe, just spray. Wow, it was unreal. So, now I have what looks like brand new furniture. lol

This is the May 24th. holiday weekend coming up. Victoria day. Yes, I know it's not the 24th. of May until another week but that's how it's done here. Go figure! This is the first weekend of the season when people go camping and to their cottages, etc. Now, most Victoria Day long weekends it either snows or rains and is bitterly cold. According to the long range forecast this year, it's suppose to be warm and sunny all weekend. So, if this is indeed the case, Saturday afternoon I might ask a few friends here for wine and snacks on the deck.

I'm all set to paint the back deck this morning when it warms up. Cleaned everything off it and hosed it down yesterday. Might as well take advantage of the lovely day.

A few pictures taken yesterday.


Ali said...

Your photos are great as always! I didn't know a bleach solution would clean plastic like that. Thanks for the tip. Send a bit of that nice sun this way would you? With the gales and rain here lately, I'm wondering if we were moved to the Outer Hebrides and no one told us!


Dixxe's Doodles said...

Wow I have one odd plastic chair Im going to try the bleach, I did find out that Tilex Mold and Mildew cleaner would clean the mildew spots off the sumbrella outdoor fabric!..Spray it on wait a couple minutes and wipe with a damp sponge. Test spot first of course.

Tricia said...

Warm? Sunny? Whey hey!!

Phew - I'm exhausted just reading about all your activities OC! Wonderful when something goes right after all isn't it! Lol

Lovely pictures and those Flutters are really great!

Have a good Victoria Day!

Pete said...

nice flutters oc. summer must be coming

St said...

pleased your seeing a bit of sun.

Victoria day, sounds like our early bank holidays, weather usually crap.

Any idea on the flutter's name?

St said...

i'll answer my own question!
It's a
Question Mark butterfly.

very similar to a Comma butterfly over here
here is a good web site for you

oldcrow61 said...

st, thanks for that website. The butterfly, according to my book certainly seems to be a Comma. Looks like the Green Comma but it was much larger than the actual size the book showed.