Monday, August 24, 2009

The Morning after Bill!

There wasn't much to it after all. It got down graded to a tropical storm. We had high winds and rain but nothing that we haven't seen before. Much ado about nothing! It's a beautiful sunny day here at the moment. The boys after a night out in the storm.




The plant that I accidentally put bleach on has a flower. Although in the photo the flower looks big, it's very tiny. The plant has succulent like leaves.

This is a perennial that blooms this time of year. I've grown them for years and still I'm unsure of the proper name. People here call them Sunflowers and maybe they are right. I'd like to know for sure though, so if anyone knows please let me know.

This is another colour of Bee Balm that I have growing.

These are some of the red ones. There's quite a difference in the colour.

This bird is no fool. She's found she can get the seeds much easier by going through the hole the squirrel made in the top of the feeder.

A few more bird pictures.

My parents are coming on Friday for the weekend and I have so much to do this week. I have to finish wrapping their Christmas presents. I figured I might as well let them take them back. I usually give them money, after all they have everything they want but I also do up a large package for each of them as well filled with all kinds of fun and foolish presents. Then I have to make Black Currant Jam. I hate picking berries but this year the currant bush was so laden down with berries that I felt guilty about not picking them, hence the jam making. I have to get all the house plants watered. The guest room that I now have full of craft stuff, etc. and herbs hung around the walls drying.....well, I now have to find other spots for all of this until the parents leave. I want to make a coffee cake. Then there's the weeding outside. I've let it go for to long and I can see hours of work ahead of me. I want to get all of this done by Friday and am now starting to feel a little bit panicky.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the storm didn't amount to much. Those yellow flowers may just be a species of Helianthus or perennial sunflower. I'm going now by a gardening book I have and that's what they look like.

Love the cats all sacked out.


oldcrow61 said...

Ali I googled Helianthus and it seems that you're right. It looks like Helianthus Hirsutus. Thanks loads.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I believe your yellow flower is Heliopsis or false sunflower. It is very common in this area. I often get confused between the heliopsis and the helianthus.

Looks like you have a family of blue jays. I always love seeing you bird photos.

oldcrow61 said...

Marnie, I googled heliopsis and found heliopsis helianthus. I'm sure this is what it is. It looks like your both right. Thanks.

Cicero Sings said...

I have a white currant bush and it too is loaded. I've been picking them over the last couple of days and freezing them ... to be dealt with later.

Those cats sure know how to take their ease after a wild night on the prowl.

Well the bleach didn't fade that flower none ... very pretty.

Tricia said...

So glad that Bill blew himself out before reaching you. Those three young men look really worn out after the night-time patrol. How wonderful to be so relaxed Lol

That's a very pretty plant and well survived the bleach!

Lovely pictures all, but the Red Bee Balm with the gate is particularly attractive!

Dixxe's Doodles said...

WOW you have a full dance card this week! Glad to hear the storm only brought a threat and didnt follow through--
Those boys look quite cozy and your flowers look wonderful--
OH that Jam sounds Delicious!!

Pete said...

more nervous about your folks than bill eh

Jan said...

Glad the storm didn't amount to anything, was worried for you.

Christmas presents! No comment that would be printable!

ShySongbird said...

Christmas! Oh dear me!! ;)

Glad Bill wasn't cruel to you, apparently our rain and wind today is the back end too.

That Bee Balm is lovely! I used to have the Sunflower type plant, I never knew where it came from but it used to flower valiantly every year late in the Summer but then suddenly disappeared. I love the blue birds, are they Blue Jays? They are very much like our Blue Tits but yours are bigger.