Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Teddies and Plant

So, I go into the bedroom for something and this is what I see on the bed. My teddies that are usually sitting in a chair are now in this position. I start to laugh and himself comes in and says, "This is how I plan to spend my birthday, me on my back and you rubbing my head." lol His birthday is next month this is why it's on his mind.

This morning I decided to pot up a plant that I had outside in a hanging basket of mixed plants. I was thinking earlier this summer that I might pot it up and try to grow it as a house plant. As it's starting to get colder here now I figured I might as well get it done. I don't know the name of the plant so if anyone can help there I'd appreciate it.

Having put it by itself in a new pot, I saw that the leaves were full of soil as the plant was wet and taking it out of one pot to put in another soil got all over the plant. So, I go inside to get the spray bottle. There was a little water in the bottom of the bottle so I just poured more water in with that. Went outside and sprayed the plant all over to get the soil off. Then I was getting a strong smell of bleach. It hit me, the last time I used the bottle was to spray the plastic chairs with bleach to clean them. So, the liquid in the bottom of the spray bottle was bleach. I immediately got a large container of water and poured over the plant. Will it live...I don't know. I have learned a lesson though. Check to see what's in a bottle before using it.

That's how my day started! It's overcast and wet but not as cool as yesterday. I had planned on making some cinnamon buns this morning but only have one egg and I need three. The chickens have hardly been laying at all. I don't know what the problem is. They are only about 3 years old and nothing has changed in their lives. Last year I was getting so many eggs that I was looking for people to give them to at times. So I'm hoping for two more eggs today and have already been out to give the chickens a good talking to, lol.

I hear that hurricane Bill is going to make it's way up the Eastern Seaboard. They figure Nova Scotia will be hit. They haven't mentioned us yet but these things are usually weakened by the time they arrive here.


avalon said...

LOL about the teddy bear. Hope your little chickens listened to you when you were telling them off and that the hurricane misses you fingers crossed for the weekend!

Roses and Lilacs said...

When you said teddies, I don't know why the Victoria Secret type teddies popped into my head;) I stared at your photo for about a minute before I realized, duh, teddy bears. Never mind.

I hope your plant is ok. I'm thinking some burned leaves maybe but nothing fatal. Fingers crossed.

Hope Bill is just a summer shower by the time it reaches you.

Cicero Sings said...

Love your teddies ... I like my head rubbed too but D only rarely obliges!

I've a special spray bottle for everything, told apart by their different coloured caps. D can never keep them straight. We have hard water so I've a spray bottle for straight vinegar, another for food grade peroxide that I use in place of bleach for sterilizing the cutting boards, another for a generalized cleaner, another for my own concocted room deodorizer ... so you can see his dilemma!

Oh those girls of yours ... maybe they are feeling the effects of the dog days of summer ... too lazy to lay an egg!

ShySongbird said...

There seems to be a theme going on here with bears ;)

What a shame about the poor plant, I hope it survives. I do hope hurricane Bill doesn't cause you any problems!

Janine said...

Yikes, Bill looks nasty right now but hopefully will be weakened as he moves north. The teddy bear thing is so sweet.

Dixxe's Doodles said...

Make sure to read the bumps on hiself's head while you're at it...there are many secrets hidden
Maybe the bear in the yard scared the ladies and thats why no eggs? I doubt the bleach will hurt the plant since you gave it a good looks like a wandering jew sort of--now sure on that tho. Hurricanes are no fun..hope it fizzles out!

Yoke, said...

Could the girls have seen the bear?

Whenever I use a pot/bottle like that for something 'different'(like bleach) I leaf bottle either in the middle of the sink, or my table, with a 'note' into my mind. (and most times I do clean or sterilise it within two days. Francis knows not to move it)

oldcrow61 said...

Yoke, yes the girls could see the bear. The bear was only about 15 feet from the girls. They weren't bothered, lol.