Monday, August 31, 2009

The Weekend

The parents arrived on Friday before lunch and left again on Sunday. We kept busy for most of the weekend. When they arrived my father was taking a wooden structure out of the car. With out my knowledge he had made a, hmmm! not sure what to call it. Picture below.

He wanted it put on the lawn for all and sundry to see but I like things tucked away so I had it put among some trees where I think it looks a lot better.

Friday afternoon my mother and I went to a craft shop up the road and saw that they had Christmas items displayed at half price. It's a bit early to talk of Christmas I'm sure but I do get excited with the whole glitz and colour of it all. I ended up buying this item. It has mini lights across the mantle and on the tree.

Saturday we went to a yard sale where I bought nothing, then in the afternoon we went to the library as I had books to bring back. Yesterday the winds were very high and the rain came down in torrents. There was a small leak coming in around one of the windows behind the computer so had to put a couple of containers there to catch the water and turn the computer off and cover it all with plastic just in case some of the water hit it. We have to go on the roof when it dries off today and try to find where the water was getting in.

The chickens had gone into their greenhouse to get out of the wind and rain so in the afternoon I went in to check if they were okay and make sure they had lots of food and water. There was water running everywhere and I could hear the stream going mad. When I looked in the chickens greenhouse I saw that they were standing almost thigh deep in water. The water had run down the bank behind them, entered the greenhouse and couldn't find a way out. I had to dig a trench across the ground and under the structure. Finally all the water went rushing out and it was fine in there. Today there was just a fine rain for a short while and looks like we may get some sun.

A few pictures that I took on Saturday.

I was watering when I saw this Moth.

Lilies in Bloom


Pete said...

i like the arch around the angel very you!

Roses and Lilacs said...

We had three days of rain like that. What a mess. HOpe you didn't get any damage.

Love the arch your dad made. My dad was handy too before he lost his sight.

Hope you get some dry, sunny weather. Us too, we really need it.

Tricia said...

What a clever man your Dad is! Why not call it an "arbour"? I agree about having things to one side - I think they blend in better.

Your poor chickens - where was Noah and his Ark when they needed him most? Seems your computer might have leapt on board too! Hope you're dry now OC :)

ShySongbird said...

Do you think maybe that watering you did on Saturday turned out to be just a little bit unnecessary ;)

Lovely pics of the moth and the colours of the Lilies are gorgeous! Lovely arbour made by your clever Dad too.

oldcrow61 said...

Pete, do you really think it's very me? Hmmmm!

Marnie, I hope you get some dry weather soon.

Tricia, lol, old Noah wasn't to be seen.

Shy Songbird, lol, no doubt that the watering on Saturday wasn't necessary.

Ali said...

Wow! Some weekend. Glad the fowl survived the mini flood. Nice work your father did on that archway. And its never too early to talk about Christmas. I love your little find.