Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not much excitement this week. I've been busy preparing for the parents arrival tomorrow. I've even been outside tonight trying to get a few things straightened up. There have been dragonflies about this week, even chasing each other around the garden. I've been dizzy at times trying to keep track of them hoping one would land but no luck.

It's suppose to be somewhat cooler tomorrow, only +14 C. Fall is definitely in the air. Still, we are getting some lovely days.

I did manage a few pictures this week. Just some of the regular stuff.

This I found interesting. It's a picture of a butterfly from underneath. Don't ask how I managed that, lol.

And more of the same flutter.



This looked like a young woodpecker....not sure.


Tricia said...

Great that you're having so many dragons after not seeing any for a while :D Now - that first flutter picture - and I'm not asking anything - just imagining ;)

Our young Great Spotted Woodies have red heads so on that basis your visitor is most likely a youngster too.

Have a great weekend with you parents OC.

Tricia said...

oh - and great shots of the bees!

ShySongbird said...

What beautiful photos, I have no idea how you managed the 'nether region' shot ;)

I'm very impressed you found time to post with people visiting, I would be running around like a blue ..... fly :) (I hope you have that expression there)!

The way you have captured the light in the photos is wonderful and I love the Woodpecker.

Cicero Sings said...

That first picture of the butterfly is very unique ... you got some good shots for sure. Those flutters can be challenging!

Jan said...

We had the aftermath of Bill a few days ago, and I reckon we must have had son of Bill yesterday. It was horrendous, strong gusts of wind and lashing rain from lunchtime.

Dry outside this morning, but a real chill in the air, autumn has already arrived here I fear.

Your pics are lovely as usual. The flutter looks like a Painted Lady, had a few of them here too, and there have been Peacocks and Red Admirals. Mine are camera shy, but there again, I'm not fast enough.... ;)

Roses and Lilacs said...

What wonderful photos. I couldn't figure out what the first photo was;) Maybe this fall I will gather some teasel seeds and plant them nearer my farm. They are certainly loved by the insects.

Ali said...

Looks like your weather and temps are mirroring the ones we're getting here. Beautiful photos, as always.


Janine said...

A friend of mine has said that he believes autumn is coming soon by observing the needles of his cypress trees. I sure hope he is right because that means no hurricanes. Hope you have fun with the parents!