Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Almost February!

Here we are, almost the end of January and we haven't had any snow worth talking about. Not much showing in the long range forecast. This is good as each day that goes by without snow is one less day of winter.

Laurie was here for five days. She arrived last Wednesday and left yesterday. We met her at the bus and as we were walking towards the bus, the driver was opening the luggage place under the bus and was laughing and talking with Laurie as he pulls out her computer chair. I couldn't believe my eyes, lol. She had some work to do on my computer so brought along her own comfortable computer chair. When she was leaving, I asked her if the taxi that she was getting when she got off the bus would take the chair along with all her luggage. She said that she had phoned ahead and ordered that a van pick her up. lol.

Its very windy today which makes it chilly outside. Himself bundled up to go for his walk this morning and about 15 mins. later was coming in the door again saying that when he got down the hill and around the corner the wind was so cold it was cutting. Prior to that I had let the chickens out as the temperature was around zero. I wasn't thinking of the wind chill factor. There was nothing for it but to get them back in their greenhouse area again.

Still not a lot of birds at the feeders. I have seen a couple of nuthatches though which pleased me. Normally I have lots all year round but last year I don't think I saw any which was really strange.

Sweet Stanley.

Chicken in winter.



Ali said...

It's been a weird Winter for a lot of people. "Atypical" is the word I think. Loved the tale of the travelling puter chair!


Roses and Lilacs said...

And we have had endless snow here. I had read that this, being an El Nino year, the weather would be mild. NOT! Maybe you are enjoying the effects of El Nino:)

Had to laugh at Laurie bringing her chair. She must be very fond of that chair to haul it around by bus and van.

oldcrow61 said...

Ali, yes I know you guys have been having a weird winter over there.

Marnie, now that you mention it, a few years ago there was an El Nino on the go and we did have a lovely mild winter with little snow if I remember correctly.

Janine said...

Its been the worst winter in South Florida since the 70's. I won't complain though, because whatever is keeping the hurricanes away during the summer can't be all bad! I laughed at the chair story, reminds me of my mom traveling with her pillows.

Cicero Sings said...

Yes, El Nino is to blame. We had a spring like day here in Vancouver today ... not a lot of snow for the Olympics! We are staying at the coast an unusually long time for us ... no snow back home to enjoy and we do have things to get done here. The last couple of days D has worked on the loft ... getting it in decent order so that perhaps we could actually have a guest at some point! This was his place before we married and it was your typical "bachelor" place. It was pretty bad. We keep this small condo because of Mither ... where else would we stay? Probably by the time we get it into some semblance of order we won't need it anymore.

Pete said...

there is something seriously odd when I don't heere you moaning about snow in winter, what next Jan with no rain? :D

oldcrow61 said...

Janine, I've heard about the bad winter in Florida. I hope you're right about it keeping the hurricanes away.

Cicero, So, you're having strange weather as well! Raining here this morning, unreal.

Pete, you gave me my chuckle for the day, LOL

Tricia said...

The weather really is topsy turvy - and the reason you've not had any snow is that your cunning plan of sending over here - worked!! :D

And Stanley really is sweet...

oldcrow61 said...

Tricia, ahahahahahaha!