Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring like day in January

My friend who had her Jack Russell put down recently is getting a puppy in early February. A bunch of us decided to have a surprise "Puppy Shower" for her. A little unconventional I'll admit but what fun. The puppy got lots of great presents, a small quilt with his name embroidered on it, a puppy sweater, a teddy bear, a plush dog that looks like him, leashes, collars and a great assortment of toys, doggy treats and puppy food. The friend who had the party had a wonderful assortment of food for the dinner and we all walked away from the table stuffed. It really was a great bit of fun.

This is a picture of little Stuart.

We bought our first cell phone well over a year ago. We decided to get one simply for emergencies. If I've used it once, that's about all, the same with himself. He usually carries it in his purse (men's purse), when he goes for his walk or to the shop, etc. Laurie phoned this morning needing some information from Roger. I said he was gone to the store in the car and wouldn't be long and that I would get him to phone her when he got back. After hanging up the phone, me being as smart as I am said to self, "Hmmm, he has the cell phone, I really should try to call him." I phone, it rings and it rings, I finally hang up. Strange, I'm thinking, he must have it turned on, so I try again. It's ringing and ringing, then I see him pull into the driveway, I hang up the phone but he's staying in the car longer than necessary. I wait, he finally comes in. "Didn't you hear the cell phone ringing." Yes, he says, "I didn't know it was the phone, I thought the car was giving me a warning signal that something was wrong and I've been looking for the problem ever since."

I think I'll end on that note, LOL.


ShySongbird said...

He is so sweet, what a gorgeous little chap! And what a nice idea to have a puppy shower, it sounds great fun :)

Tricia said...

LOL OC - I can't stop laughing about Himself and the phone - that is soooooo funny ha ha ha

and I hope Stuart reaped the rewards of his shower party ;)

oldcrow61 said...

Tricia, ha, ha, ha, it could only happen to him.

Shy Songbird, he is indeed a cutie. We are all anxious to meet him.

Anonymous said...

Love the puppy shower idea! And the puppy is adorable!

Pete said...

the pup is a cutie

roger? what can I say. i'm wetting myself here

Dixxe's Doodles said...

What a great idea a puppy shower!! I wish her best of luck with her new puppy!!
Im sort of like that with a cell phone too its only for texting my son and emergency calls...only 4 poeple have the number so IF it rings I know its gotta be one of them~ enjoy the warmer tempts.

Jj Starwalker said...

I love the puppy shower idea!

And I can well imagine myself doing similar with a cell... especially if it had not rung and I was not familiar with the sound. I had one for a while, but won't now. I don't believe in "all in one" machines, period. too much, too easy to mess up, and experience says typical functions are less than a dedicated machine for any needed function.

Cicero Sings said...

What a cute, cute puppy. She has her work cut out for her over the next few months!! Nice idea the shower. It costs a LOT to set up a puppy.

What a hoot, the story about the cell phone. But hey, I can relate. We use our cell so seldom that when mine does ring, I look around and wonder why someone doesn't answer their darn phone ... then oops, realize it is mine.

Anonymous said...

Stuart is a doll! The puppy shower was a great idea.

I can add an amusing "typical male" story to the one you posted about your OH. Yesterday, I had a gent in the store who thought "3 for 2, mix & match" meant he could buy any three things he wanted and get the cheapest free. Took me the better part of ten minutes to make him understand he couldn't have two dental care items and a package of batteries as a deal. LOL!


Kate said...

Aaw, what a cute puppy!

I'm laughing my socks off at the mobile phone 'misunderstang'.

Nan and =^..^= said...

What a darling puppy and a great idea to have a puppy shower!
Loved the cell phone story and shared it with my husband!

Stewart said...

Great name OC, great name ;)