Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chilly Day In January

It seems ages since I did any blogging. To be honest, I've been busy. I had a sewing project to finish and now have a couple of more that need to be done as soon as possible. I had put all the materials away before the holidays as I was up to my ears in xmas decorations, etc. I went to look for it all a few days ago and tore the house up trying to find it. I was totally thrown as I couldn't imagine what had become of it. I gave up the search two days in a row and finally unable to chuck it all to the wind I figured I'd have one more look. Again with the flashlight searching under beds, in cupboards, in linen closet...then finally...there it was in a large bag in my clothes closet. I thought I had put it all in a box...duh!

The weather has turned cold now. Well, colder than over the holidays. No snow worth talking about though and the longer that keeps away the happier I'll be. It got above zero today so the chickens got out for a while.

The seed catalogues have arrived so I have to sit down soon to make a list of what I want. I always find this exciting. I swore I wouldn't buy any more seeds but I see a couple of things I'd like with just a quick look through the catalogues. I want to order a couple of Patchouli plants to grow as a house plant. One for me and one for Laurie. Apparently they smell devine.

Not many birds around these days. I don't know why. I guess once it gets colder the feeders will be getting lots of attention.

A friend had her old Jack Russell, Mouse, put down a short while ago. I went with her to the vets. Needless to say there were tears from both of us. My friend was very upset as you can well imagine. She's contacted a breeder and will have a Jack Russell puppy in early Februray. His name will be Stuart.

I haven't been keeping up very well with the blogs that I read so must try to get at that soon and catch up.

A few pictures on the beach a short while ago. Not very exciting but it looks cold.


Ali said...

That beach looks wonderful! I love the ocean, regardless what the mercury says. I'm sorry to hear your friend had to go through the painful experience of putting a beloved friend to sleep. My mom's toy poodle went the same way. She was old and had been very unwell for some time. You know you're doing the right thing, but it's still hard.

I have patchouli oil in my EO box and it is nice. I've never smelt the plant. You must let me know what it's like.


Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm sorry about your friends dog. That awful feeling is still with me even after a year.

Warming up here (if you can call 21 F warm). I'm so happy to see temperatures above the teens F. We may even get above freezing.

Tricia said...

Now your searching certainly rang a bell with me OC LOL!

Yes the sea does look cold; just like ours does at the moment....

Cicero Sings said...

Yes, it does look cold.

We are going through a warm spell at the moment. On our walk today, we heard a chickadee tell us spring was here ... and it truly, it felt more like March than mid January. Our snow is almost all gone. There was been no real x-country skiing this year so far.

I had to laugh at your dilemma of the lost goods. What gets me, when I do stuff like that, when I put the thing away I'm just sure, at the time, that I'll remember that I've placed it so ... so how then, can I possibly forget?! Scary.

Not been doing a lot of blogging myself. Gray days, not too exciting.

Dixxe's Doodles said...

Dont you hate when hide something so well even You cant find it? Im guilty of that quite a lot...I try to follow the "place for everything etc..." but for some reason I think at the time that I WILL remember this particular thing..but only a day later and I draw a blank!! Your photos do look COLD along with your weather widget says ZERO...brrrr

ShySongbird said...

It is so annoying to 'lose' something like that, I did that a few weeks ago ( I can't even remember what it was now but it seemed important at the time!) and I seem to think it was in one of the places I looked in in the first place!!

So sorry to hear of your friend's loss, it is an experience we have been through too many times and never gets any easier.

The beach pics do look chilly, we have snow on the ground still but apparently there is a thaw on the way at last this weekend :)

Yoke, said...

My house is full of those "lost things" and making a map of our houses would be very handy, wouldn't it. Only thing is; we would then loose the map too.

Love your ocean pictures; they really catch the atmosphere of your beach.

I'm looking forward to pictures of what the seeds will turn into eventually.

I'm sure that little Stuart will be great company for your friend next month. We had to make that decision twice, and although it is a lot of grief, you can breathe again knowing that the pet doesn't suffer any more.

Jan said...

I've been tearing the house apart looking for something very important today too, the instructions on how to open my safe! I've had to email the supplier to see if they can help me! Braincells are fading fast I fear.

avalon said...

Send good wishes to your friend, i had been looking after my friends dogs in the summer and Holly the eldest dog had to be put to sleep and i cried so much, even though she was not mine! Happier note my friend has been to a breeder and has chosen a new baby girl, and her name will be " Darcy! so life does go on. Still sad all the same to the one who has gone and is part of the familt!