Monday, January 24, 2011


We had a lot of dying, dead and fallen trees in the woods on the property and a friend kindly offered to cut them down and saw them up for us. So, Saturday morning we heard the chain saw going and before long a lot of the trees were down, trimmed of branches and sawed up into junks. Most of the trees are huge Spruce that have had their day. Our friend said that he would pile the branches, etc. up and also throw in some stuff that we had ready to go out on clean up week in May that would burn. Old boards, etc. So, yesterday morning while still not daylight we looked up towards the woods and saw a fire burning. What a fright I got as I'm not use to this sort of thing. However, our friend is a real woodsman and knows all about this stuff. Although I was a bit nervous at first, it wasn't long before I was throwing branches on the pile. I can now understand peoples fascination with bonfires. The day was perfect and you can have a bonfire this time of year as it's cold and wet and no danger of the forest going up. It's a good time to cut some of these old trees down as the birds aren't nesting yet. Not only that, we haven't found any old nests so it looks like the birds are going further a field to do this.

A few pictures.

Himself having a rest.

There's still more work to do there yet and probably another bonfire.

It's bitterly cold today. Skies are clear but the wind is cutting. The Grosbeaks are here off and on all day filling up on sunflower seeds.

I believe this little squirrel is a new one at the feeders.

And this is my handsome friend Duke who was watching the bonfire with us.

We still haven't had much snow to talk about. Very strange! As each day passes without it, it's one more day towards spring. I'm having some serious looks at my gardening books these days, lol.


The Wessex Reiver said...

Bondfires (at the right time of the year as you say) are a fantastic throwback to earlier times and the need for warmth and light. I love fires, and your fire in the woods looks a good-un!

Ali said...

Bonfires are great. I hope you brought some marshmallows! It's not cold here in England by any Canadian measurement, so I'll just shut up about it. LOL!

That's one handsome doggy. Not yours though I understand. I don't suppose your cats would appreciate him.


p.s. I'm still on Blogger, just have a new link O.C.

Dixxe said...

WOW that was a huge flame! Good idea to burn while the conditions are right for it..we have burn law/ protocol to follow or else we get a hefty fine if we cause any damage to property--With all the pine needleds that carpet the woods here Fire hazards are yr round. I know what you mean about the joy of sitting around a campfire there is more than just physical warmth touching us--its like it calms the mind too.

Cicero Sings said...

Wow, you really don't have much snow! Bon fires are great AND assisting. I had a couple in the fall.

Tricia said...

I love bonfires and just love the smell of woodsmoke....magical!! It looks so warming and hearty in your pictures.... and isn't Duke a handsome one :D

See Mr. Cheeky got in on the act as usual..... :D

Pete said...

Himself looks like a Sailor! appropriate for the VIking eh @D

Like Duke!

Victoria said...

I don't think we've had a bonfire up here since the 1970's...I think that's when they started prohibiting them. I guess S. California was starting to dry out even way back then.

The pictures of the bonfire are beautiful, though. And so are all the others. I especially like the one of the oh-so-cute little squirrel.

Our winter is MIA, too. It's cold at night, below freezing, but no rain or snow in over 4 weeks. I hope we both get some winter soon!