Sunday, January 30, 2011

We have Snow!

After getting through December and most of January with little or no snow, today we have it. I suppose I shouldn't complain, and I won't, as long as it goes quickly. I don't like winter!! We're not long home from a birthday brunch at a friends house. What a feed....homemade granola, fruits, three different quiches, roasted potato, a variety of breads, jams and jellies, all finished off with a birthday cake...angel food cake with lemon filling and a load of whipped cream for the icing. I am stuffed! I was thinking of you Pete, lol.

There are lots of birds around today, Juncos, Nuthatches, Jays both the blue and grey, crows, grosbeaks, woodpeckers and chick a dees. I've had a Boreal Chick a Dee coming to the feeders for ages and figured there was only the one. But, low and behold, today on one of the suet blocks there were two. The first time I've seen two together. I was well pleased.

A few pictures.
One of the boreal chick a dees. They are the sweetest little birds.

Some of the rascals who fly in every day for food.


A few snow pictures.


Dixxe said...

OH a nice snow too! Im sure it wont hang around too long..Great Birds!! OH I'd give an eye tooth to see a Boreal Chickadee.
WOW what a menu--I know you enjoyed that.

Tricia said...

Well, finally the white stuff arrived and let's hope for your sake it goes quickly :D

Wow, that was some feast you had and it sounds delish! :D (Strange that you should think of Pete in connection with it LOL )

Bimbimbie said...

Oh I do like to see snow, so long as it doesn't cause problems. Hope your feathered and furred visitors manage to keep their beaks and cheeks well fed - shouldn't be too hard if they are regulars at your place*!*

Pete said...

ah snow in its rightful place :D

food - YUM!!

The Wessex Reiver said...

I thought you may get some snow after hearing about the blizzards in Ontario. Keep it there, please don't send it to the UK :-)