Friday, January 14, 2011

I Can Hardly Believe......

That the pussy willows are coming out in JANUARY!!

The weather this winter has been so strange. Mind you, St. John's got about 35 cm of snow yesterday but we were unscathed. The grass is green and I'm sure the plants just don't know what to do about it all. No doubt we will get snow before winter is over but I'm happy with the situation as it stands today.

I've been in a funny mood lately. I don't seem to know what to do with myself and it's not because there aren't things I could be doing. Is this what's called winter malaise? I think this weather makes me think we are in April and yet I can't get out in the garden because it's really winter. The ground is extremely wet as we've had so much rain and drizzle. I've had to lay down boards coming up to the deck because it's so muddy.

Himself arrived back home on the 8th. Still sick with fever and weakness. We went to the doctor earlier this week and he's on more antibiotics. The rash is gone thankfully. Needless to say he's very fed up with it all.

Lots of birds at the feeders today.
Can you find the Junco in this picture. A good job of camouflage.




The Paper Whites I planted at Xmas are now in bloom and giving off a lovely scent.

Cats just hanging out.


Dixxe said...

GREAT Shots of your birds those E. Grosbeaks are so Beautiful....
ITs defanitely a cats life over at your house...looks so cozy and relaxed..amazing the buds are opening they've been fooled into thinking its April--that happens here in the south all the time the flowers and shrubs come out and then we get a frost that kills it all then no spring flowers...Got my fingers crossed that we have a good spring this yr..
DID he ever find out what caused the fever n rash?

oldcrow61 said...

Dixie, they figure the rash and swollen tongue were caused by him drinking the water in Morocco. He should have known better as he's been there many times before. He had to take a pill and didn't bother with the bottled water.

Pete said...

there is something wrong here. oc pics in jan with no snow!!

nice woodies!!

Cicero Sings said...

About the water ... that'll teach him!!!

I'm amazed about the pussy willows. We are under feet of snow! This is good on the one hand as our water table is so low these last few years. On the other hand, my back is shot from shoveling snow! B-I-L came with his snow blower today as I just couldn't do it.

Tricia said...

Lovely pics especially of the Woodie. And, as Dixie says, it's a cat's life - they all look so serene and content :D

I think your reasoning about your unsettled mood is right. Temperature and growth starts us thinking it's Spring - until we go outside!!

oldcrow61 said...

Pete, lol, strange isn't it.

Cicero. I know exactly what you're talking about with regards to shoveling. It's back breaking when you have so much snow but something that needs to be done.

Tricia, I think the reason for the unsettled mood is correct. However, this could change with a raging winter snow storm, lol.

Anonymous said...

It's been weird over here too. The past few weeks have felt more like March than January. I think we should take a cue from your cats; relax and take a nap!

oldcrow61 said...

Ali, lol, you have that right!

Bimbimbie said...

Hello OC - seems like spring wanted an early start over there and your feathered ones look very appreciative*!*

Victoria said...

Beautiful pictures, OC!

The weather has been nuts here, too, but no pussy willows...yet! Couple of days ago...lots of snow on the ground. Today the high was 60 F. and the snow is almost all gone. I felt like I should be out in the garden today, but, as you said, it really IS winter. However, it's the most confusing winter I've encountered in my 60 plus years.

oldcrow61 said...

Bimbimbie, yes, the birds are having a pretty good winter so far. Our winters are usually quite a trial for them.

Victoria, we had a bit of snow night before last but for me too it's the most confusing winter I've seen in my 60 plus years.

The Wessex Reiver said...

Good to know himself is sort of on the mend. I know and sympathise with him, it's taken me a month to even begin feeling human again. I think we all get this winter malaise in January, the third week in January is meant to be the most depressing week of the year. Hope you don't get the weather my family in Ontario are experiencing, minus 27, windchill minus 35 and snowstorms. Not good.

oldcrow61 said...

Andrew, now that you mention the problem with the third week in January, I'm thinking that might be what's wrong with me lately. Can't seem to get kick started at all. Thankfully we aren't getting Ontario temperatures although we usually experience some of that in January. It's been a wonderfully mild winter so far.

ShySongbird said...

Sorry to read 'himself' has been unwell, I hope he continues to improve.

How lovely to see the Pussy Willow coming on so early, I think we could all do with an early Spring. We had snow so early here that it makes Winter seem a long haul.

Lovely photos, your birds are so pretty but I had quite a job to find the Junco ;)

So glad you gave that lovely threesome on the last post a good home, they look adorable!