Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Teddy Bears and Birds.

We finally saw the sun this morning. Everything was golden. A friend phoned to see if I'd like to go to the Good will with her so at 10:00 am we were off. I had a few groceries to pick up so it would all work out well. I just love rummaging around these places. I spied some boxes of toys and there was a teddy bear looking up at me from one of them. Now, there are only certain kinds that appeal to me and this was one of them. I like the jointed ones but I've been know to buy other kinds on occasion. I picked this one up and said, okay, you're coming with me. On turning around I saw a much larger bear hanging off the side of the box with just one eye. I walked over to him and said, I can give you a new eye, you're coming with me. Before I managed to get away I saw this small head peeking out of the box, looking so sad, saying ...please, please, please take me home too. Well, what else could one do. So, picked him up and said you're coming home with me.

These are the three rascals. Aren't they dears.

Although the sun was out, it felt quite nippy. Quite a few birds at the feeders. Two grey jays were here. Haven't seen those in ages. Lots of chick a dees and a few American goldfinches back again along with the usual crowd, crows, jays, woodies, and nuthatches.

Chick a Dees

Grey Jay

Malachi yesterday in the misty rain.

Update on Himself. He's still in Spain, flying home on Friday. He's been to the doctor again and had blood tests. They don't know what's causing the rash but found that he has a bronchial infection and he's on heavy duty antibiotics. Hopefully he'll be feeling well enough to fly.


Anonymous said...

You must be looking forward to your partner getting home. I hope he can make the flight.

I'm a HUGE teddy bear fan. Tatty Teddys are big with me, which I collect in stuffed and figurine form. I have a couple of Russ bears that I love. Steiffs are beautiful, but out of my budget.

My that's a handsome figure of a kitty there! I wish hubby wasn't so allergic. I'd love to have a cat again.

Pete said...

aw cute.

poor mr viking!!!

Dixxe said...

I love second time around stores...I go as often as I can...its hard to resist the cool things--love all 3 of your orphan ted-ees!
Very good bird photos--and what a pretty kitty!!
Hoping the flight is kind to your man!

Cicero Sings said...

Ah teddies - hard to resist and those are very cute ones. Mingus loves stuffies and he has learned not to disembowel them now but they get well mouthed and a tad dirty. Any stuffy one wants for good must be kept out of sight.

Hope himself makes it home - a good dose of home may be just what he needs.

Victoria said...

Your three teddies are darling! I wouldn't have been able to resist them either.

The photos of the Chickadees are great. I have such difficulty in getting a good picture of Chickadees. They land on my shoulders, perch on my lens, but never hold still long enough for me to get a proper picture!

Malachi is so handsome, and he looks to be a very thoughtful sort of cat...

I hope Himself recovers soon, and is able to make the flight home on schedule.

New Year's blessings to you and yours, OC.

Tricia said...

Now I defy anyone to ignore those teddies.... (I have several) :D

Good luck to Himself and hope he arrives home on schedule today :D

Kelly said...

I can see why those little Teddy Bears came home with you...they are cute! Love the Chiggies too. I can never get enough of them.

I've never seen a Grey Jay (it's probably a common bird for you, but it looks exotic to me!). Love your kitty--so opposite of ours! (Glad Himself is coming home--he's been sick for a while!)