Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 15th. 2007

I was outside early this morning walking around the gardens and was brought back to my childhood. I remember back then when walking through the grass and wild flowers all manner of insects and bugs would come up to say hello. Unfortunately, with people using insecticides over the years many of these creatures have all but disappeared, to say nothing of the microscopic life. I have, over the years, been doing my best to make this place friendly to all creatures by having areas of natural wildflowers and planting for bees and butterflies and the like. Now, back to where I began, while walking around this morning, all kinds of insects and bugs were about, more than ever before. I think I have finally achieved something here.

I know I am also attracting, shall we say, the bad bugs, but the plants are all quite healthy so nothing ever gets destroyed. However, I have a huge Alder in front of the house and the leaves are all being eaten by Wooly Aphids and I do believe Flea Beetles. I think this is because I cut it back to much last summer and stressed it out. I had to do this because we couldn't get up to the front door and branches were hitting the living room window. I'm thinking that stress is the problem because the rest of the Alders are in good shape. I googled this problem and most of the sites said to leave it alone and their predators will be attracted to the garden. I'm hoping this will be the case. I simple won't use an insecticide to destroy them.

The garden is starting to bloom now. We have had some hot, sunny days lately. While there is still a lot to bloom here are pictures of some of the things in bloom at the moment.


Mo said...

What a lovely splash of colour.

Jan said...

Your garden is beautiful. I envy you your sunshine, pray that we get some hot weather soon, otherwise there's going to be a back knock-on effect for all manner of wildlife here I fear.

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks Mo. Jan, the weather must be taking it's toll on the wildlife there. Hope you get some dry,sunny weather soon.

Janine said...

Lovely garden OC.