Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29th.

It promises to be another sunny, hot, humid day. It was so hot yesterday that by late afternoon the two of us were laid back on the chesterfield like two beached whales with sweat pouring off us. It didn't improve much during the evening. Got a cold shower but that only helped for a short time.

Went to a hardware store, the nearest one being about 14 klms away, and picked up a gallon of paint to do the eaves and window frames. At one point I saw more Dragonflies than I've ever seen before at one time. No chance of a picture though as they were all flying about. Got home and checked around the eaves and found another wasps nest. Argh!!!!!

I've been trying to get a picture of the adult woodpeckers feeding the young. There have been so many around lately. I'm not at all happy with these pictures but am putting them on anyway.

Young one waiting to be fed.

Mom comes with the food.

Little cutie once again. Just can't resist that face.

Anyone know what these bugs are?


nicola said...

they look like a variety of shield bug, but not sure that squig!!

Oh and I see the british influence has rubbed off on you......talking about the weather...ha ha :-))))

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks Nic, will look up information on those bugs. lol, it's not only talking about the weather that has rubbed off.

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures of the squirrel. Not sure of the bugs - and I have the same woodpecker feeding her young on my birch tree at the back. Your photos are a lot better than mine.

Jan said...

Cute squirrel as usual, I want him.