Friday, July 27, 2007

July 27th. Attack!!!

I was saying to some friends that my life seems quite boring compared to what I read on other peoples blogs. However, occasionally something funny does happen. Early yesterday morning I asked Roger to put the long ladder up against the roof of the house. Out he goes, naked except for a sarong around his waist. I'm standing on the deck watching him and as he puts the ladder up, it bangs against the eave.... all of a sudden his arms are flaying all around his head. I'm thinking he is batting at a fly, but no WASPS!!! They were swarming him. He comes running, falls on his belly into a flower bed and then rolls down the bank and ends up banging into the wheelbarrow not far from the flower bed. There is a nest in the eave and the ladder banging against the house disturbed them. He ended up with four or five stings to the head, said it felt like his head was on fire.

No choice now but to get rid of the nests. I told him that before dark he would have to go and take care of the situation...."Not me", he says. lol, can't say I blame him. When it came time last night, he relented. Said he would help me. I don't know if we did the right thing but, we covered ourselves from head to toe, got the hose, set it on strong spray, knocked the nest down that was in the greenhouse, ran around the back and took care of the one in the eave then took off running back into the house. Will have to go out this morning and check it all out.

The weather has been marvelous. Suppose to be sunny and hot all weekend...yay!

Blessed Thistle in Bloom.


Pete said...

hope it worked

oldcrow61 said...

Me too Pete, haven't seen anything around those areas YET!

Mo said...

You're very brave! We just get the council in here to get rid of them.

Hope there were no more stings. Even one sting is incredible painful - I've had a couple over the years, usually in August when they get badtempered.

Anonymous said...

I hope the wasps have left to go somewhere else now and hope all is well after all that ruckus. Would have been good on video. Sorry about the stings.

oldcrow61 said...

Yes, would have made a hilarious video, lol.