Saturday, July 21, 2007

July 21st.

The weather hasn't been great this past few days. Can't complain though, it's feeling very tropical, breezy, very humid and very warm. Overcast with showers off and on mostly. The tall heavy plants are hanging low with the weight of the rain on them. Other than that everything is looking very green and lush.

I had one exciting moment yesterday. I got a couple of pictures of a spider with a fly.

Looking down on his back.

Then he turned around and I got a shot of his stomach.

The rest is just bits and pieces.

Rose bud and Foxglove with raindrops.

Oriental Poppy..seed head forming.

Painted Daisy

A place for contemplation.


Laurie said...

gorgeous spider Mom,
and the flower with are really enjoying this what?

st said...

AHH it's contagious, the madness is spreading.First it's spiders then........... well i'll keep watching, incubation period varies from case to case.

oldcrow61 said...

lol st, I think you're right.

Jan said...

Great pics of the spider. Good job I'm not one of these people who freaks out at them, I had to remove three from the bath this morning before I could shower, and I counted 9 on the ceiling in my bedroom, which can stay put (as long as they do!)

Pete said...

ooh cool oc