Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 26th.

I was in the greenhouse just before supper last night tying up some of the tomato plants when I happened to look up and saw to my surprise, a wasps nest. Needless to say, I suppose, I ran in for the camera running past Roger who was watching TV. He asked "What's wrong". I say, "There's a wasps nest in the greenhouse and I want to get a picture." He says "You're mad." When I got back a wasp had appeared and started working on it again. When I had taken it off I emailed the picture to my daughter, who, I must admit, has a terrible fear of wasps but thought she'd appreciate the beauty of the nest itself. Excuse the language, she emailed me back in bold letters saying "Are you f-----g nuts." I nearly fell of the chair with laughter as she's not one to swear much. She phones me minutes later asking me what I'm going to do about it.

There in lies the problem. Do I take it down and destroy it. Don't want to really as I don't like killing things. However, I've heard that the beasties can get very territorial and I do have to get in the green house to get the tomatoes when they ripen. I may just leave it there and see how things progress.

I took a couple of pictures with camera on the regular settings but they didn't turn out so well, then set camera on macro and got within a few inches of the nest and think I got a pretty good shot.


Mo said...

It's lovely but I'm afraid I'd get rid of it before they start to swarm. They can be nasty little buggers when they get annoyed. But then, I'm allergic to waste stings!

A few years ago I kept chasing a huge queen wasp out of our bedroom. Then I realised she was starting to build a nest between the pleats of the uplighter lampshade! After that the window was kept shut for a while.

oldcrow61 said...

omg, now that's scary. I'm afraid I will have to get rid of it. We had an incident here this morning with a nest built in under the eave of the house. Will blog it tomorrow.

Jan said...

What a magnificent piece of work that is though, it must've taken them hours and hours. I quite understand if you need to get rid of it. I think what I would do is dress up in thick clothes like we said, and get a huge bag, and put right over it, pull it off in one and keep it done up, and take it as far away from anything you need to get to in the garden, put it down and run like hell! That way, you won't have killed them, and they may just bugger off elsewhere. What do you think? Brave enough or do you want me to come over and do it! ;)

oldcrow61 said...

Looks like I'm going to have to do it. Roger refuses!! If you were closer though I'd take you up on your offer, lol.

st said...

You have definatley got the madness.

Get rid, they are magnificent works of nature, but built by the neighbours from hell

oldcrow61 said...

lol st. You've got that right.

Anna said...

I hate wasps!! They make me shudder.

I don't kill them though, especially as I DO NOT want to go near them.

I'm not scared, I just really really don't like them.