Monday, August 13, 2007

August 13th., 2007

Today I decided to start to lose some weight. I decided to go on the diabetic diet as I've found that works very well for me and I eat healthy. Also, I find with this that I have lots of energy. I figure what it comes down to is cutting out a lot of the carbs. So difficult this time of year because of people visiting. One tends to eat and drink too much, however, I'm going to give it a go. I also figured I would start walking for an hour every second day but guilt over getting one of the beds cleared of weeds and the soil amended so it would be ready to plant seedlings took over. The bed is about 20 ft. long going across the top of a rock wall and I'm afraid I haven't been giving it the attention it needed. So, with shovel in hand and a line of chickens behind me I started in. Took me most of the morning but should only take a few more hours to get it ready for planting.

After lunch I decided to get the camera and have a walk around. I started teasel from seed last year and this year it's doing me proud. Didn't realize they would grow so big though, neither did I know that it will grab your clothing and pull you back if you brush up against it, lol. The Bees and Butterflies love it.

Bee on Bee Balm

Butterfly on yellow flower.

And the teasel.


Pete said...

lovely pics OC

one of the flutters is a Red Admiral I think looks like a Red Admiral

the Bee is excellent

Jan said...

I picked some teasels from a huge patch on one of our beaches here about three years back because I wanted to attract goldfinches to the garden. I just stuck them in the border (no roots). Today, they are everywhere! They have spread into every nook and cranny, in my compost heap, behind the aviary, on my patio, in a crack on the path by the gate, and I haven't the heart to cull them, lol! They are spiteful as you have discovered. Be warned! They are like triffids. :-O

Lovely pics though. (Mine are in flower too here)

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks Pete.

omg Jan, I didn't realize they were that invasive. The word "spiteful" is an excellent way to describe them. lol

Anna said...

Haven't heard of the diabetic diet...

Diabetes UK says the diet recommended for people with diabetes is the same healthy diet recommended for everyone.

Good luck with it anyway, losing weight is hard work!

oldcrow61 said...

You are right Anna, nutritionists say it's a healthy diet for anyone. However, here, if a diabetic, you get a sheet specifically designed for people with diabetes. It tells you how much of any one thing you can eat or drink during the day and what you can't eat. It can feel very restrictive but I find it very good. Diabetes runs in my family so I'm probably doing myself a favor in the long run. I went on it a few years back for a couple of months, lost a lot of weight and felt fantastic.

nicola said...

Good for you oc! It is not just the fact that you will loose weight but be healthier and fitter too, which can only be good good good!

Anna said...

Ah right OC. That makes sense.

I did a similar thing once, having to eat a set amount of each type of food every day.

7-14 portions of carbs
5-9 fruit and veg
2-3 protein
3 dairy/equivalent
less than 4 high fat/sugar
less than 2 alcohol

I found it quite useful, but got tired of having to write everything down (or remember to tick it on the list)! Becasue i'm lazy.

Maybe I'll force myself to start it again.

Mo said...

Good luck with the diet OC. I went sugar free a few years ago - not to lose wait but for health reasons. It half killed me at first - I had horrendous sugar cravings (shows you how hooked I was on the stuff). Now I find sweet things very sickly sweet.

Anna said...

Mo, I cut sugar way down when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

And I found the same thing, that sweet stuff now tastes way too sweet.

I didn't get sugar cravings though, at least I don't remember getting them.