Thursday, August 09, 2007

August 9th., The Bear

The story that goes with the pictures in yesterdays blog. I was wandering around the property yesterday morning as I heard that the two big dogs that live up the road were on the loose. Roger phoned the owners to let them know this and I went out to make sure they didn't come in after the chickens. As I came back to the deck I looked up and much to my surprise, there was a beautiful black bear about 20 feet from me. Was I thinking that he may cause me some trouble....oh was get the camera, get the camera! By the time I got back out I saw his tail end going through the woods. I thought, damn it all, now that I have a camera, I missed the chance to get a picture. Then he came down around again and into view. That's the pictures in last blog.

So....about an hour later I went out on the deck and there he was again, about seven feet from me. There's a railing on the deck and a gate that was shut so I wasn't too concerned. Took the pictures below. He wandered around munching on grasses and wild flowers, had a poop, raised his head sniffing the air and headed for one of the trees with feeders on it. He then proceeded to climb about ten feet up the tree, imagine the strength in those claws to lift that weight up the tree! He climbed back down the tree before reaching the feeders and then wandered off. It's amazing how quietly these creatures can move. Couldn't hear him moving about at all.

Another bit of excitement as well. Got shots of these two birds. I'm wondering if this bird is a young Pine Grosbeak.

And this appears to be an Evening Grosbeak eating the Saskatoon berries.


nicola said...

Bloody hell!!!!

Fantastic photos, what a beauty!

oldcrow61 said...

lol, he was gorgeous.

st said...

Can't beat that for a visitor, suprised the pics aren't blurred.
Cos i would be shaking.
handsome chap

Anonymous said...

Amazing!! Wonderful Shots!! Beautiful Black Bear!! I would probably have run inside though.

Mo said...

Wow, and I get excited if a fox arrives in the garden! You got great shots.