Monday, August 27, 2007

August 27th., 2007

It's been a very busy couple of days for me. Yesterday I mowed the grass then built up a raised bed another six inches. Filled it up with many buckets of soil, went though the woods and got buckets of last years leaves that were on the ground and added that to the soil. Forever wary that a bear may be around now that they are moving about looking for berries etc. to fatten up for the winters hibernation. It would be great if they made a lot of noise as they moved around but they are amazingly quiet. So, today I started at another raised bed, got that cleaned up and again, added soil, leaves and manure. Then I had to get a pole and drive that through the ground to support part of a small fence that was leaning over. I couldn't be bothered coming in the house to get the hammer so used a large stone to drive the pole in. Worked wonders.

I got a phone call this morning informing me that my nephew and his girlfriend will be coming on Thursday for overnight. I can't wait to see them. Unfortunately we have three cats to take to the vet on Thursday, two to be neutered and one to have a tooth pulled so we will be in Gander all day. I emailed him to let him know, so hope he sees it as they are leaving for Random Island sometime today.

Just one more daughter is so funny, she cracks me up. I sent her an email regarding the speedo top I bought. She emails this back to me:

"Well, let's see, the little speedo top, those high heel shoes, now all you need is a skirt so short the bottom of your arse hangs under it....then you'll be just like Marilyn, the street woman who walks around shouting into the air and is caught sometimes with her boob hanging out of her shirt."

Ha, ha, ha, what a picture. Now, back to work in the garden.


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