Saturday, September 01, 2007

September 1st. 2007

Just before 7:00am on Thursday we left for the hour drive to take the cats to the vets. Two young ones to be castrated and one old girl to have a tooth pulled. We decided to stay in Gander to do some shopping and wait to pick up the cats in the afternoon rather than coming back home and going back in later which would be two hours drive there and back instead of four. Big mistake!!! We had finished shopping long before noon so what to do.....we decided to go to the library. They were closed, opening at 1:00. We waited around until noon and I phoned the vets to ask when we could pick up the cats. They said 3:00 or 3:30. We hung around until 3:00 and I said that's it we are going there now. Went in, the boys were doing fine, awake and ready to go, but the one with the extraction wasn't fully awake yet...another half hour...maybe! Half hour went by, no she's not ready to go yet, another half hour. No she can't go yet, her body temperature has dropped, we have to get her body warmed up. Another half hour. Yep, she should be ready in another half hour. So, between it all we finally got home at about 5:30. We were both exhausted.

In the mean time my nephew and his girl friend were suppose to arrive in the afternoon. I had left a note for them and food on the counter in case they were hungry. By eight that night they still hadn't arrived. My dad had called three times worried because they hadn't shown up and thought something terrible must have happened. Just before nine they finally arrived. We didn't get to bed until almost midnight and even though I had only two glasses of wine through out the evening I felt blitzed. They left after lunch yesterday and I lay down to have a read, fell asleep and woke up two hours later. It took me all day to feel normal again.

My nephew and his girlfriend.

Now, on to Spiders. There are tons of spider around now. Everywhere I look and some real beauties. I got pictures of two of them, tried to get more different types but they are so fast, when they see me getting close they scurry off.

Spider with lunch.


Jan said...

Nothing worse than hanging around with nothing to do, very boring I know...

Love the big fat orange spider, very handsome. :)

Pete said...

spiders are really good

Janine said...

They are a cute couple. Great spidey pics!

st said...

nice pics- oc