Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 13th., 2007

Beautiful sunny day here. I've been all morning building a raised bed up higher and adding more soil. My body feels a wreck! I am happy that I've finally started doing things in the garden that I've been putting off. I figure, if I keep at it, I should have most of it finished off in a week or so. A friend of Rogers from Nova Scotia will be arriving on Sunday, going back Wednesday. I think they've seen each other just about every year since they were in boarding school. I do enjoy his visits and as always I expect there will be much bantering and arguing. Rogers birthday is on Tuesday so I'm very glad he will be here for that. I expect I'll have a few people in for a bit of a party.

We went to the corner store last night to pick up a few odds and ends and much to my chagrin, when I walked through the door, what did I see......Christmas items for sale. I just couldn't believe it, it's only September for heavens sake.

I took a break from the gardening this morning and decided to get the camera and see what I could find around to photograph. Much to my surprise, while walking around, I nearly got knocked over by a Butterfly. He went by me and landed on a Cone flower. Here I had thought I'd seen the last of them weeks ago.

The Butterfly Bush is in bloom now and the smell is just wonderful.

Took this picture of Malachi last night while the dear boy was having a snooze.


Jan said...

Lovely butterfly pics, our budlea are all finished now here. Tell me about the bloody christmas stuff in the shops, makes me want to scream. Selling Mince Pies already. What makes it worse is people on the forum I go on, a thread starts, and some of them are saying oooh can't wait, so excited ffs! And they can't wait for it to be dark and cold and snow and all that other shit that I hate so much! Moan moan moan.

Oh and the cat is really cute. And that is saying something from me, the world's biggest cat hater.... ;) You won't believe this but there is a cat which lives rough round the back of our McDonalds, it looks in a right state, has a bent tail where it probably has been runover, fur hanging off. Well I got out of the car and gave it some of my chicken sandwich the other day, I kid you not... :D

oldcrow61 said...

lol Jan, you always give me a chuckle. I fully agree with you about the Christmas thing. Awww, what a nice thing to do for that poor kitty.

Pete said...

lovely pics Oc

st said...

tried leaving a note the other day. but a lot of the info on screen is in Greek as I'm on my hols. lovely pics

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks Pete.

st, you're in Greece!!!! How wonderful.

Mo said...

LOL - I had trouble working out the last photo then I realised he had his paws over his eyes! Lovely photos.

oldcrow61 said...

lol Mo, yeah he's a sweet boy.