Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th., 2007

Fall seems to be fast approaching. I see that some of the leaves are changing colour and it's been quite chilly in the early morning and the evening. I have numerous plants to move as I planted some new ones in the front borders of the gardens and they have grown so tall that they are hiding shorter plants. I've been putting off all of this shifting around....seems an awesome task.

I woke up one morning last week with part of a tooth missing. Must have swallowed it during the night. It's not causing me any trouble yet and I'm dreading calling the dentist. One of the few things that scare me are dentists. Our usual dentist has retired and we were put on to another one. None of the other dentists are taking new patients so I have no choice but to go to this one. Funnily enough the night after I lost the piece off my tooth, a friend had the same thing happen. He's in the same predicament as I am and has to go to the same dentist. He phoned yesterday and got an appointment for this morning. This in itself is worrisome. To get an appointment so fast makes me think that not many people are going to this guy. I will get the play by play later today.

The wild Blueberries have ripened and I have them growing on a bank on one side of the property. Thought it was time to check them out and pick some. I saw there would be quite a few when I checked earlier before they had ripened. Much to my surprise there was just a scattered one here and there. I thought to myself, this is very strange indeed as there were so many earlier. Then I saw some movement further down the bank. The chickens were jumping up grabbing the last of them that were on the higher branches. Now I know where all the berries went. lol.

There is still colour in the garden. Some late bloomers.


Laurie said...

I didn't know chickens ate berries. Ha!! does that mean their eggs will have a dyed effect....j/k

as for the lack of people going to the dentist..Mom, it's not a far stretch to think perhaps #1. No one can afford it
#2. Not many people have their own teeth out there.
#3. dental care just isn't as important as a night out at the Legion.

Jan said...

I don't mind dentists, mine is quite good thankfully. I was overdue for a check up though, should have been in June, but thought I'd leave it till next month, but would you believe I got a card this morning asking me to phone to make an appointment!