Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 20th., 2007

The friend from Nova Scotia flew back yesterday and after the party the night before I wasn't feeling all that great. Slept most of the afternoon and went to bed very early last night. It was a good visit as always.

Got up this morning feeling ready to take on the world. I decided it was time to start in at the garden. There was a fair size raised bed that had gone to mostly weeds so figured I'd tackle that. I dug it all up, added lots of manure, went up in the woods to get some leaves off the ground and added those. Ever watchful for bears as the woman down the road said her cats wouldn't go outside....something big must have scared them. The plants I dug up out of the raised bed were bagged to give away and I then dug up Phlox and Black Eyed Susans to put back there. That finished, I had a Russian Olive Tree that was in the wrong spot. So I then dug up an area where it would be better off, again added manure, leaves, etc. I got the tree out of the ground and planted it in the new place. That done, I figured I'd better quit for the day as my body is starting to ache.

In the meantime the Grey Jays had put in an appearance. First time I'd seen them in ages. I did get a couple of pictures but still not as good as I wanted.

Grey Jay

Blue Jay


Mushrooms on log


Pete said...

i do like the mushroom pic and blue jays are cool

Janine said...

Like the gray jays, I hear they have quite the personality.

st said...

These sites may assist you, in your quest for 'what the hell is that days'
what's that bug---- http://www.whats that




Some are yank sites but at least one of the covered canada

lol st

oldcrow61 said...

Hey st, thanks for the information. I'm tickled pink, lol.

oldcrow61 said...

Pete, I like the mushroom pic as well. Now that st has given me a site to look at I might be able to tell what kind they are.

Janine, the grey jays do have quite a personality. In fact, they will eat from my hand, even sit on my hand if I have food in my palm. Unfortunately I don't see them as much as I use to.

Jan said...

How lovely to have pretty birds like those to come and eat in your hand, I would love that

Mo said...

I always love seeing photos of your jays. We had British jays for company on holiday but they're quite different - members of the crow family.