Saturday, September 08, 2007

September 8th., 2007

These pictures are at Shirls request for Ornamental Grasses. I'm afraid that I never did get into the grasses although I do find them quite attractive. A number of years ago my Aunt gave me a piece of one she had growing and it has taken off. It's very invasive I find and I have dug up clumps and planted in other spots. It doesn't seem to matter if it's in shade or sun it just keeps on growing. The leaves are variegated and it gets very nice plumes during the season. It grows to about 4 ft. in height. Don't know what it's called.


Carol said...

Hi, I came over here from a comment you left at Shirls Gardenwatch on ornamental grasses. I think this one grass you have is the same as the one I have. It is quite invasive. Everyone seems to call it "ribbon grass".

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks for the info. Carol. Now it has a name, lol.

shirl said...

Hi there, OC

Thanks for posting photos of your grass – I think it looks great in your border! Some posts have mentioned invasive grasses – I had one similar to yours many, many years from a friend’s garden. I put it in a pot after seeing it in her garden but it did dry out a lot and I eventually got rid. I would make one suggestion - if you want to keep it in check.

Try an experiment of putting a piece of your grass in a plastic pot and then submerge it into the ground as if it were planted normally covering up the rim of the pot so you can’t see it. This should restrict the spread of the roots– this method is often used for mint and I am at the moment trying this with a bamboo that I love. I bought my bamboo believing it was clump forming and when new shoots started to appear some distance from the clump I knew it was going to be trouble! Bamboo roots are very strong so it is in a stronger pot and as it is more decorative I have the rim showing – that way I can prune any roots that try to get out! That is the theory anyway :-)

Layanee said...

That one may be invasive but it sure is pretty in that spot! Thanks for joining the grass posting and, if you have time, stop in and see mine at Ledge and GArdens!