Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 29th., 2007

After the chilly days this past week, woke up this morning to a warm day although overcast. Threw open all the windows to let the lovely warm breeze blow through. I can't believe that we are almost into October. Time seems nothing anymore. I was talking to a couple of friends a few nights ago and the subject of mice came up. I related to them a recent story of my daughter saving the lives of two little mice that a cat had cornered in her driveway. She saved the mice and put them in a safe place. Afterwards another story came to mind. She heard what she thought was a fluttering sound in the wall in her house. Thinking that a bird somehow got stuck between the wall, she got her trusty little axe and proceeded to beat a hole in the wall. Then squatting down to peak in, a little head with big ears popped up. A mouse!! She put her hand out and the mouse ran up her arm and sat on her head. Another little head popped up!! She tried to get the one off her head but it wouldn't budge, so she got a bucket and moved her head up and down over it till the mouse jumped in. Then she somehow got the other four or five mice in the bucket, took them outside and let them go in the back yard, only to come back inside I expect. lol.

We went for an hours walk yesterday morning so thought I'd take the camera with me. We started off up the beach.

The sky looks thunderous but actually it was quite nice with no wind.

This is the pathway off the beach. I find it quite magical any time of year. I'm sure there are fairies in here.

At the top of the path, this lovely tree.
One of the roads on the way back home.

Then our road.

Back home in the driveway.


Pete said...

lurve your sign!

oldcrow61 said...

lol, thanks Pete.

Mo said...

Love the mouse story. BTW the tree looks like a rowan (mountain ash).

oldcrow61 said...

Yes Mo, it is a Rowan Tree. Here in Newfoundland they are called Dog Berry Trees. I have no idea why! People use to and probably some still do, make dog berry wine out of the berries.

st said...

as pete's said great sign

Jan said...

Heartwarming story about the mice, nice to know there's others like me around! :D

nicola said...

cant wait to see all that and more! Roll on July 2008!!!

oldcrow61 said...

Whooo Hoooo! Party time. lol