Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 11th., 2007

Rain poured out of the heavens yesterday. The stream is rushing with water, so lovely. Today it's cloudy and am hoping for a bit of sun to come through to dry things up a bit. I was bringing in some wood early this morning when I looked down towards the road and saw a grouse walking along. First opportunity! So I dropped everything and ran for the camera but when I got back out it was gone. I walked down to the road, no sign of it, then walked around the luck! Maybe I should have the camera slung around my neck all the time.

Wednesday my daughter came to visit for a few days. She went back home this morning. I don't know where the time went. We always plan on things to do when she was here but never seem to get around to it. Thursday we brought a bag of clothes she had brought with her to the Goodwill, then shopped around a bit. In the evening we watched a movie. Can't remember the name of it now. Yesterday we went out again as I had to go to the drug store and she tried to talk me into getting a colour for my hair. I said no but she picked out a colour that she thought would look good on me and in horror I said that it was orange for heaven sakes. I continued to tell her that I was afraid to risk putting a colour in as the red tones always seem to come out orange on me. Still, she persisted. So, ended up getting "Spice". So with trepidation, when we got home, she put it in my hair. When that was finished and washed out she cut the hair, then dried it. I was afraid to look in the mirror if the truth be told. lol. Well, of course I had to didn't I. I nearly freaked as it was much darker than it was before. Anyway, after a while I did get use to it and rather like it now.

Last night we cooked curries for supper. We each made a dish and it was quite good. Lots left over for today. Then had a couple of women friends invited over last night. An enjoyable evening. After supper we took a couple of pictures of each other. Here's my daughter.

So, hoping to have a lovely nap this afternoon. Just not use to these late nights.


Pete said...

looking good laurie but where are you oc?

Jan said...

Very nice oc, but I'm a bit confused how you could have posted this yesterday, on the 10th November, dated it today which is the 11th November, and are talking about the day before, which was the 9th November! Had you been on the sherry? ;)

oldcrow61 said...

Oh my, the minds gone, gone, gone. Blame it on the party the night before, lol

Janine said...

Yes we want to see the new hairdo!
Your daughter is lovely.

oldcrow61 said...

Noooooooo! Can't put a picture of me on, lol