Saturday, November 24, 2007

November 24th., Rainy Days

Rain, rain and more rain. The ground is soaked and we've been trying to stack some wood for the winter but can only get at it when the rain holds up at times. An awful job as the wood is green and very heavy. Needless to say we are both sore and aching.

I decided to look for the xmas tree the other day as it's getting close to Yule and I like to have it up by then. As I couldn't remember where I had put it I thought it best to find it now. I knew it was in a box but where! I searched the house thinking I must have put it in a closet or under a bed, but no luck. Then thought that I may have put it up in the "cabin", a small building up behind the house. Went up there and could hardly get through the boxes I had packed up with stuff to get rid of come spring. Anyway, I clambered over boxes, lawn mower and anything else imaginable that one would store and finally found the box with the tree. Then on looking around I saw little piles of pine and spruce cones around the place and shredded cardboard on some of the boxes. Obviously the squirrels have planned to settle in there for the winter. I don't mind really as it gives them a place to stay. I haven't seen any at the feeders lately so am guessing that there is lots of stuff in the woods for them to eat as I hear them there every day. I expect once the snow falls they will once again be back at the feeders.

The chickens are moulting now, feathers everywhere. Just getting the odd egg and don't expect them to start laying until maybe March which is fine as they are pets and while the eggs are wonderful, that's not why we have them.

I'm thinking of looking at cell phones when I'm in the city. I expect we are one of the few people left who doesn't have one. This has got my father very excited as he loves all these gadgets, lol. He can't wait to take me around to the stores.

Not much to take pictures of these days. For lack of something else to do I took a few yesterday when the rain held up.

Gargoyle on one of the arches.


nicola said...

Interesting bird that last one ;-)

Mobiles are great things

oldcrow61 said...

lol, yeah, strange bird indeed. I daresay a mobile would come in handy, a moose might have me driven up a tree in the woods and I'd be able to call for help. Although I think rutting season is over, ha, ha, ha.

Pete said...

make sure the network has coverage where you are.

love the bluejays

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks Pete, will do.

st said...

great jays if that's what they are the last one is a cat bird.

Mo said...

Those are your best bluejay photos yet. Gorgeous.

ocean and forest walks said...

Yes Yes - those lovely shots of the bluejay - so up close and clear - very nice. Beautiful Bird -our Steller's Jay is very different looking here. Love the cat!!