Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November 28th. 2007

We've spent the last few days lugging wood up from the driveway and stacking it behind the house. Our bodies are wrecked! Anyway it's all finished now. I'm all packed, heading for the city tomorrow. Phoned and made a reservation on the bus and found out that they will take me to my parents for an additional cost of a few dollars more. I'm well pleased with this as the bus doesn't get in until after dark and my father can't see too well to drive at night. So this will be a relief to me as well as to him. Lots of presents to buy, I have my list made out and pretty well have it figured out what to get everyone....except Roger! I think everything I've ever bought him, he hasn't been overly fond of. One thing I know he would love is a monks robe, you know, the heavy long one with a big hood that ties with a rope around the waist. He often mentions it as he would like to wear it on his walks to the stores in the winter. Now, you have to picture all of this. He makes these tall staffs and often will put a knife coming out of the top which he hides under a hood like thing. Can you see it now?? He often takes one of these staffs to the store with him, when he's walking of course. I have to keep telling him not to dare take the top off it as he will end up in the hands of the Mounties being charged with carrying a concealed weapon, and for heaven sakes, don't dare go into the bank with it. lol, no wonder people think we are a wee bit strange. As to the robe, the only way he would get one is if I make it and I don't think this is going to happen. He's given me a short list of some other things he would like so I might get lucky this year.

The sun is shinning this morning so a glorious day. Wandered around a bit with the camera. Some of the moss around. I don't know anything much about moss but love the look of it.

A seed head that I thought was rather pretty.

And the every present Chick a Dees


Pete said...

enjoy yourself oc and take photos ;)

Janine said...

I found a site that does a monk robe (and they do international shipping!)

Have a safe and happy trip! Cool mosses.

oldcrow61 said...

Janine, had a look at that site and that's exactly what he wants. I dare not show him that site as he will go mad. He loves all that stuff, swords and all. Will have to have a think about it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

So funny - tell Roger not to go near the airport in that getup...the mounties will get him for sure!! We have a club here that dresses up in Medieval dress and robes - quite interesting.