Saturday, November 03, 2007

November 3rd., Bits and bobs.

All I've been hearing on the news this morning is that hurricane Noel is making it's way up the eastern seaboard and should hit the maritime provinces tonight. They say it will be down graded to a tropical storm by the time it reaches us but still, high winds and a lot of rain. It appears that Nova Scotia will get the brunt of it. Never the less, I will have to fill bottles of water just in case the electricity gets knocked out. Our water supply is run by electric pumps so if the power goes, no water. Otherwise I am stocked up on anything I might need. So, it will be "batten down the hatches" tonight I daresay.

Clear skies this morning but frost on the deck and all over the ground. Very slippery! Tried hard to not fall and break a leg when letting the chickens out. Will wait until the sun gets up high enough to melt the frost before I do anything else outside. It was very cold in the house this morning when I got up as I didn't bank the stove up with wood before bedtime last night. I wasn't long lighting the fire and now it's comfortable and cosy once again.

Unless it turns warmer again I guess I have all I'm going to get done in the garden finished. I've raked up tons of leaves but there are still a lot on the ground so would like to get a bit more up. Birds are filling up at the feeders this morning. I continue to try to get some good pictures of crows as they are my favorite birds but alas I find it difficult.

That's it! I'm off to get some "frost" pictures now.


Pete said...

tropical storms? snow? flipping 'eck

Janine said...

Noel was fun down here- had to drive on the highway in 40-50 mph gusts. It caused some pretty severe beach erosion as well. Hope it weakens before it gets up there. :)

Jan said...

Your weather changes so quickly doesn't it? I don't think ours is quite so bad thank goodness. Crow pics are good.