Tuesday, December 04, 2007

December 4th. I'm Back!

Got the bus into the city on Thursday. It's usually a half size bus but they had the van on that day. There are four seats behind the driver and each seat comfortably fits two people. The van was packed full so I had to spend three hours squished between two people on one of the seats. I was NOT happy! Finally arrived and spent that night with my parents. Early Friday morning my father and I hit the stores arriving back in time for lunch. Then off to my daughters. My granddaughter was there from Ontario, it was so wonderful to see her. Friday night the three of us got dolled up for the show at the gallery that night. It was a great success. Met lots of people I hadn't seen in ages. Had a couple of glasses of wine and wandered around talking to people. Saturday arrived and we started out to the stores again, about 10:30 am finishing up about 4:30 pm. I now know what they mean by "shop til you drop", I was exhausted. The line ups at the check out counters, the noise, practically pushing through crowds in some stores. It drives me mad. The only good thing I can say about it is that I got just about all of my shopping done.

Sunday arrives...a storm has hit. We were going to my parents for lunch and I was spending the night there, leaving Monday morning for home. Well, we made it to mums but there was a blizzard on by that time. Laurie decided to drop myself and granddaughter off and return home as she was worried about the road conditions. Then my nephew and his girlfriend showed up. We had a great meal and lots of laughs. Granddaughter decided to stay the night at my parents as the weather wasn't getting any better. I didn't sleep much Sunday night. I was worried that it would be too bad to get home on Monday. Got up at 4:00 am Monday and saw that the storm had calmed down some. I always get a different bus back home as it leaves early in the morning, it's a large bus and more comfortable. So 7:30 am my father takes me to the place where she picks up passengers at 8:00. It was getting on for 8:30 when we saw other cars with passengers waiting for the bus leaving. Dad says that something strange is going on so he jumps out of the car and talks to the driver of one of the other cars that's leaving. The bus is not coming until 10:00...now I'm getting a bit upset. The roads are bad and it's still snowing. So, back to the parents house. We try again! Go to the bus stop, wait half an hour. Finally it arrives. We are on the road for an hour and a half when the bus pulls over, the driver stands up and says that everyone has to take their things off the bus as this one isn't going any further and another is on the way to pick us up and that all our luggage will be transferred to the next bus. I'm really fed up by now. After about a 20 minute wait we are off again. The road is very bad with slush and water hitting the bus window from the vehicles ahead. Now this is not too hard to deal with if the flippin windshield wipers were working!!!! They weren't.. not only that the wiper was sticking up straight in the middle of the window right in front of the drivers face. I was in a state of tension the rest of the way but we finally arrived at my destination and thankfully Roger was waiting. The storm had hit here as well and the electricity had been off for almost two days. Apparently seven towers had blown over. The lights finally came on about seven last night. It's so good to be home, I slept like a baby all night, lol.

Took these pictures on Saturday in the old part of the city on our way the the Hemp Shop. One of my favorite stores.

Granddaughter, Nephews girlfriend and Nephew at my parents on Sunday.

Looking out parents doorway at storm.

Back home last night before lights came back on.


Pete said...

call that snow - pah

welcome back OC

Jan said...

I'm glad you had a good time OC, and that journey home sounds horrendous. Thank goodness you got back safely.

nicola said...

Pleased you got home in one piece, not even thought about the C thing as yet!

st said...

OOh snow!!