Friday, December 14, 2007

December 14th, Freezing!!

-18 C. I'm fed up with the cold. No sign of it ending anytime soon either. The two young cats are driving me mad as well, not only have I had to replace five shower curtains, not only is the new carpet I put on the steps shredded, not only are plants knocked over from time to time, but now it's fun time with the xmas tree!!! After getting up this morning, it took me a while to see that the tree wasn't looking quite right. Well it wasn't right!!! Obviously during the night they had a great bit of fun. The beaded stuff that I had looped from branch to branch was at the bottom of the tree, ornaments were on the floor, the strings of lights were dragged down and the branches were all a screw and flattened. There is no way I can get it back to the way it was unless I take everything off and start over again and I'm not doing that. I was thinking that if I piled the gifts up under the tree then they wouldn't be able to get at it but then realized that they would probably tear all the wrapping off the gifts. The two brothers are a menace. Well, now that I have that off my chest, lol, just needed to rant.

I hadn't seen any Nuthatches for some time. There are lots at the feeders during the summer months but since fall came in they disappeared. Yesterday there was one at the feeder. I expect they will come around now. They need the suet, etc. to fill up on with the cold weather. A couple of pictures I took yesterday.


Pete said...

Similar but different to ours!!

nice pics as usual

Mary said...

I enjoyed your little rant :o)

Even one cat can singlehandedly destroy a Christmas tree in fast time, so I can imagine what fun the two had...