Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 13th., Cold and Snow

Woke up this morning and saw that it had snowed overnight. More shoveling! The sky is milky at the moment with the odd bit of blue coming through. As soon as it was daylight, I shoveled off the deck and then had to get up on the ladder once again to get all the snow off the hens quarters. Something I will be doing regularly I expect from now til April. That done, I brought in some wood for the fire and had breakfast. Then I remembered a dvd I bought last year and never played of a fireplace with the fire going and xmas music playing. Of course I bought this at my fathers insistence when I was in the city last winter. He just loves this kind of stuff, lol. I turned the house upside down looking for it and finally after going through everything I could think of, found it. I put it on to try it out and yell for Roger to come see and of course he says it's the most ridiculous thing he's ever seen. What an old hum bug scrooge.

Yesterday we decided to go pick up a few things at the stores and thought we'd run into the second hand shop to have a look around. I immediately spied this wonderful lamp that hangs from the ceiling with a chain. It's looks rather like a giant onion with brass on the top and bottom, with the glass itself being amber in colour. And the dollar. Well, I couldn't very well leave it there. Of course, himself says it's the ugliest thing he's ever seen and what am I going to do with it! I say that I think it's quite sexy and will put it in the bedroom. I'm sure he was hoping I would drop it and break it on the way to the car, lol. Anyway, will put it up after xmas.

So, I'm off now with a container of cat urine. What you might ask is she going to do with a container of cat urine, ha, ha, ha. Well, I have rats under the hen house and a friend suggested I google rat deterents. So, before daylight this is what I was doing and came across this idea. I figured it was worth a try.

A few pictures. Junco, Chick a Dee and the snow this morning for those friends in particular who get about 2 cm all winter. lol. And to remind them that this is just the beginning.


Jan said...

OMG Cat's wee? I know of someone who used to erm use his own, supposed to be a fox deterrent. He was peeing round his boundary and stung his willy on some nettles. We had a good laugh at that as you can imagine. I guess he wasn't laughing much though. Ouch!

And you can keep the snow thank you. (But it does look lovely.. ;o) )

oldcrow61 said...

Ha, ha, what a great story. I daresay it did hurt. One summer the male in this house heard that if you peed around an ant hill, the ants would move on. He did it every day for some time....didn't work, lol.

Pete said...

i'll send any snow your way

oldcrow61 said...

Ha, ha, ha Pete.

Janine said...

That lamp sounds really cool. Tell scrooge that next time you buy a lamp you will be going to high end department stores and spending $200, that will shut him up! :D
Great photos. Whats all that white stuff? :D

Anna said...

Apparently men's urine is great for getting the compost bin going. But women's doesn't work at all.

There was a gorgeous fox in my garden this lunchtime, curled up on my lawn having a snooze I think! So I guess dog urine doesn't repel foxes, lol. Which is good, because I love foxes.

I want snow. *sulk*

oldcrow61 said...

Ha, ha, great idea Janine.
Anna, I didn't know that about the compost bin. Guess he's going to be a pretty busy fellow come spring now that I know this. lol. How nice to have a fox in your garden. I think they are beautiful.

Anna said...

Fox now on my blog, lol!