Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brrrr...Cold Morning.

A friend who has been looking after another friends cat while she's been away, lost the cat. It had been several days since the cat took off and the friend had been frantically looking all over since. Yesterday she phoned and said she knew where the cat was. Roger said he'd get one of our cat carriers and drive to the spot to help her get the cat in the carrier and get him home. Roger came back sometime later and I asked how it went. He said that they got the front half of the cat in the box but he braced his two back legs on the outside of the container and they couldn't get him in. Then he took off again. Sometime later the friend called back saying that it was the wrong cat that they had tried to put in the carrier. It looked like the right cat but belonged to someone else, lol.

Which brings to mind another story which I think I blogged about ages ago. We had this wonderful orange tabby called Thomas. We adored him. It was summer, daughter was here for a few days, I was outside doing something in the garden when Roger got a phone call from the neighbour saying that there was a cat killed on the road and it looked like Tommy. Roger didn't tell me about this and got a plastic bag, went down the road and had a look. The next thing I knew, he was standing near me with the bag and obviously something in it. I said, "What's wrong, what's in the bag. He had tears in his eyes and said "It's Tommy, you don't want to see, he's been hit by a car." With that, I went to pieces. Daughter, who was in the house, came running out wondering what had happened. Once we pulled ourselves together, I got the shovel and we found a lovely spot beneath a tree to bury him. I dug the hole and we laid him to rest, both of us crying our hearts out. Roger went back at something he was doing outside and I went in the house and was sitting at the kitchen table trying to get my head around it all when daughter yells out from the living room, "Mom, come here." I go to see what she wants and there's our Thomas coming out of the bedroom after a nap. I felt as if I had entered the twilight zone! Of course, I then yelled out to Roger "Tommy's here, Tommy's here. " We had buried the wrong cat! We found out later that it was the cat that people down the road owned that looked very much like Thomas. Phoned them, said what had happened, the woman came up, thanking us for burying the cat and we both stood by the grave to say goodbye.

Yesterday we had hail for a short time. It was a strange sight to see this time of year. This morning when I got up it was -4 C but suppose to be a sunny day. I noticed a few Juncos, Fox Sparrow and White throated Sparrows around yesterday. I got a few pictures but not the best. Decided to put them on anyway.

White throated sparrow.

Chick a Dee





avalon said...

You made me laugh! the thought of the poor cat being dragged away in the cage left a great impression. Then you made me quite sad when you were talking about tommy at least you had a happy ending. Great blogging. Hope freya is getting on ok x

Pete said...

only roger shakes head!!

Kate said...

My DH brought the wrong cat home a couple of years ago. Ours had been missing for a couple of days, so seeing what he thought was him, he scooped it up and brought it home. The poor cat looked mortified - one minute it was quietly having a nap in what was probably it's own garden, the next it had been catnapped LOL I wouldn't mind, but it was even the same gender as ours.

oldcrow61 said...

Avalon, Freya seems almost back to normal today.
LOL Pete, isn't that the truth.

oldcrow61 said...

omg Kate, that's hilarious!

Cicero Sings said...

Fun blog post!

The coldest it has got here, this September, is -0.5C!!! So you've beat us. This is a mild September for us.

J said...

I can just see the back end of that cat digging it's toes in to keep from being catnapped!
*giggle*snort* poor kitty!
Nuthatches are the cutest little clowns and then there's their scolding 'Ack Ack Ack'

Tricia said...

OC - glad that Freya seems back to normal.

That's an amazing tale about the wrong cat - OMG the emotions you must have gone through in such a relatively short space of time!

oldcrow61 said...

Cicero, sounds like it must usually get pretty cold up your way.
J, lol, yes, can't you just picture it. I have to agree with you about the nuthatches, they are very cute.
Tricia, yes, it was terrible at the time. Too much emotion for sure.