Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Muggy day.

I've been trying to find out the name of that large moth in last blog but no luck yet. It hadn't moved from that position all that day and into early evening and I was getting a little concerned. However, the next morning it was gone having flown off by the light of the moon.

We've had a few wet days now and when I got up this morning the fog had rolled in. It's suppose to clear later today. Temperatures are still quite nice. I had a dream the night before last. I rarely dream, or I should say, I rarely remember dreaming. It went like this....I had just put the chickens to bed at dusk and coming back to the house there was a HUGE black bear between me and the deck. No way was he going to move and Roger was somewhere in the house. I started yelling out hoping he would hear me shout "Get the camera, get the camera." Then, all my shouting woke me up. lol. I told the story to a couple of people and they asked me if I was scared. I said, not at all, I wanted pictures. Strange how the mind works.

I have a dental appointment in the morning, in Gander. I'm dreading it! It's only a small cavity but none the less.....I know, I know, I'm a big baby when it comes to going to the dentist. We'll do grocery shopping while there and I'll have to look for a birthday present for himself as he keeps reminding me that his birthday is this month.

The chickens are moulting now, so no eggs. They haven't laid since the incident a couple of weeks ago. I have several people waiting for eggs but after they finish moulting they may not start laying until spring. A friend said he had a talk with the chickens and chickens said they weren't going to lay again until the security got beefed up a bit here. I thought that was so funny.

There aren't many finches around these days and I haven't seen the pine grosbeaks for days. Some of the berries are ripe now so I expect they are filling up on those. The squirrel continues to deplete the sunflower seed feeder.


Tricia said...

Good luck for the dentist. I'm keeping my daughter company for her appointment tomorrow - not nice stuff to be done - and she's petrified!!

Ooooh - the buzzy bee - you always capture them so well :)

Cicero Sings said...

Never too old to look forward to a birthday ... somehow one things it is going to be some magical kind of day! A day for pleasant surprises etc.

Too bad the trip to "town" has such an unpleasantry attached to it. I always walk away from the dentist (well nearly always) thinking, now that wasn't as bad as the anticipation! But that thought doesn't hold for the next appointment!

I'm sure your friend's talk with the chickens has some merit. They are not as dumb as they appear ... look at "Chicken Run" or whatever that movie was called! Ha, ha.

Ah, the photography bug ... even in the dreams ... catching the best shot. It's a sickness ... I know ... I have it too.

Janine said...

Your dream was a fine example of what I refer to as "viewfinder bravery" which I have experienced as complete indifference to dangerous surroundings or an approaching hostile animal/person, because you are seeing it through the viewfinder and not "with your own eyes." I have photographed a snarling dog bounding toward me and felt no fear at all until I lifted my eye from the camera.
Have fun in town, get yourself a treat to make up for the visit to the D.

Juli said...

The coneflower is beautiful, do you harvest them ?

I'm so happy the moth flew away, we tried to find it as well but never did.

Happy Birthday to him :)

and I know you dread going to the dentist but I'm so glad you're able to go :)

Pete said...

good luck with the dentist oc.

oldcrow61 said...

Tricia, I just love the bees. So furry.
Cicero, Indeed it is a sickness, lol.
Janine, I can't imagine the situations you must get in at times given the places you go to photograph wildlife. I understand the loss of fear though. Kind of crazy when you think of it.
Juli, I often harvest the flowers for herbal wreaths and the seeds but I don't dig them up to use the roots. Thanks for the Happy Birthday wish to himself.
Pete, thanks!

Juli said...

I rarely stop to consider whether others think me mad :)

I do think that most people feel them and just don't realize what it is they're feeling. Tho I knew you did :)

All parts of echinacea are medicinal, I never dig the root either :) the leaves are what's used most often but the roots do have stronger properties.