Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday, Sept. 14, 08

Early this morning two friends stopped by on their walk for coffee, croissants, cheese and crackers and a grand chat. Then they wanted to walk the pathways around the flower gardens and I saw that one of the archways was flat on the ground. I don't know what happened, it would have taken quite a push to have it all beaten down. Very strange indeed. So off the women went, headed for the beach down the road. They were going to walk up this beach, go around the rocks to the next beach and then take the road back home. Well, about ten minutes after they had left, they were back here again all out of breath. As they were going off the road onto the beach right in front of them was a coyote. Needless to say they didn't feel like continuing their walk as the coyote turned around and headed for the beach himself. So Roger drove them back home. Now I have to keep watch because of the chickens. I'm hoping that the creature won't decide to come this way. I'm thinking that may be what went after the hens back a few weeks ago.

It's a beautiful day once again. Yesterday we went to a flea market in one of the nearby communities. I know, I know, I really wasn't going to go but called a neighbour to see if she'd like to go as her husband is not well and I thought she might like a break. She said she'd love to go so off we went. There was a nice crowd there and at first look I didn't think there was anything that I wanted. But...on the second go around, I came out with my arms full. I bought some very nice dinner plates, not that I needed more mind you but thought a change would be nice. A couple of garden lanterns and two wall sconces that himself wanted to get. Where they'll go I have no idea.

We must have had rain overnight as everything is very wet outside. I'm hoping the sun will dry it up today as the grass is in desperate need of cutting. I haven't taken many pictures lately except of the squirrel. How can I resist! A little character with so much expression on his face.


Tricia said...

OC - fingers crossed that Mr. Coyote will stay away and leave your chickens in peace.

You will have to name your cheeky and inquisitive squirrel for he is surely starring frequently in your activities :)

In the 5th picture, I'm sure he's saying "Look at me - I can do hand stands - whey hey!"

oldcrow61 said...

Tricia, it does look like he's trying to do head stands, lol. I haven't a clue what to name him, any ideas?

Juli said...

I have a little envy of your friends, to be able to pop in for a chat :)

Used to I would have said that humans have nothing to fear from Coyote but things have changed. Our chicken pen is a fortress because of neighbor dogs, owls, hawks, raccoon and coyote. It's 6 feet high and enclosed on top with another 2 feet laid down on the ground.

I so love flea markets, I haven't been in ages.

And I'm very sure I couldn't resist that naughty little sweet squirrel either :)

Cicero Sings said...

Those two ladies didn't really NEED to be afraid of a coyote but your hens on the other hand are gals of another feather! Wiley coyotes LOVE chickens. Batten down the hatches.

Squirrel is TOO cute. VERY acrobatic.

Toffeeapple said...

He is such a gorgeous little creature, does he need a name? His coat looks almost as 'red' as our native squirrels though I think he is larger.

Gallicissa said...

The squirrel is really adorable. I like its big eyes. He looks to be obsessed with your feeders.

Tricia said...

OC - sorry I've not responded to your request earlier - very remiss of me! Can't think of anything very original to name; he just looks so cool and like a coolie with his "hat" on :D