Friday, September 05, 2008

Moths been ID'd

Ann (me ann my camera) has ID'd the moth in last blog. It's a White Underwing Moth. Thanks Ann, much appreciated.

We set off around 7:00 am yesterday morning for the hours drive to the dentist. I was a little tense, hadn't slept much the night before. Arrived about 8:15, checked in, and was put in the chair. While waiting for the dentist to come in I was berating myself about how silly I was being. After all says I in my mind, I'm not a child, I'm a grown woman. Never the less, I had myself quite worked up by the time he arrived. All in all it wasn't bad at all. I don't have to see him for another year for a check up thankfully, as we don't have dental insurance it was a lot of money out of my pocket.

After that we went to look for a transistor radio for Roger. One of those am/fm ones that have been on the market for years. His old one isn't working all that well and he uses it on his walks. Well.....we went to three stores, two being department stores and one an electronics shop. Could we find a transistor........NO!..... but plenty of i-pods, black berries, etc, all that stuff that I know nothing about. Roger was not happy. He kept going on and on about people today, what was wrong with them that they needed all this other fancy stuff, etc, lol. I guess few people use a small transistor radio anymore.

The weather has been just marvelous. A few showers here and there but mainly sunny and warm. I am seeing some of the leaves changing colour on the trees now. I do love autumn but hate to see summer end as well. The warm weather has brought back some butterflies and dragonflies. I didn't get any dragon pictures, kept waiting for a landing but no luck.

Chicken dozing in the warmth of the sun.

Wheelbarrow taking a rest, lol

Some of the flowers in bloom now.

And this little darling still eating me out of sunflower seeds.


hemant said...

The weather is marvelous and I really dreamt to go there.


oldcrow61 said...

Namaste hemant. It was nice of you to stop by.

Cicero Sings said...

Glad the dentist appointment is over and all went well. Good thing you got if over first thing!

We don't have an iPod either. I agree with himself ... this modern generation is too "plugged in". All that noise and what do they really hear I wonder ... that counts?! And will they be able to hear 20 years from now?!

Squirrel picks are too fun! What a rascal ... so cheeky.

Cicero Sings said...

P.S. Nice chicken!

Tattyanne said...

Beautiful pics OC. Especially the butterfly on the coneflower. Isn't it strange the fear that going to the dentist instills in us all. I dont know anyone that likes going. TC Tattyanne X

Border Reiver said...

Good to see you getting your teeth into another posting Old Crow :-)

... is that squirrel after the most photographed rodent on your blog award? He still hasn't worked out how to wear his hat though.

oldcrow61 said...

lol, BR, I just can't stop taking pictures of the little squirrel, then I want to show him off. Would be great if I could get a shot of him with the "hat" on properly. Now that would be a picture.

farmlady said...

I feel the same way about the dentist. I went without a checkup for 5 years once and I was fine. All that cleaning and pokeing around in the mouth every year is silly. If one of my teeth hurts then I go. I'm too old for all that stress.

Your photos are wonderful.I love the squirrel. You should give him a name.

Tricia said...

The butterfly on the coneflower is stunning OC :)

And your squirrel has me giggling every time; I'm sure he's grinning - nice one.

Juli said...

Underwing Moth, what a very good name.

I'm so glad the dentist went well !

We have Barred Rocks as well, they're fine hens :)

Gallicissa said...

That butterfly is my favourite. And the Squirrel looks adorable.
Look forward to seeing more dragonfly pictures with names!