Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yesterday the rain came out of the heavens in sheets with wind as well. It was damp and cool so lit the fire and started back at the fall cleaning that I've been doing all week. Body is aching a bit at the moment what with moving furniture, hauling boxes that have been stored for ages to go through and see what's there, washing curtains, ceilings and some of the walls. I'm going to sit back with a book shortly and take a well deserved rest.

Today the sun is shining, a bit of a soft breeze. I decided after lunch to go out with the camera to have a look around. Still a good many bees about, saw a dragonfly and it landed, managed to get two pictures taken before it flew away, ran in the house full of excitement, took them off.....both blurry...sigh! I don't say they will be around much longer as the days are getting colder so thought this was probably my last chance to get a picture.

I expect in the next few days I'll have to start moving some of the plants to better spots. Several small weigela and some rose bushes. So much to do and so little time! I don't know where the weeks are going. It seems Monday comes and before I can turn around it's the weekend again.

Not a lot of birds around these days, jays, crows, and woodpeckers mostly. The occasional chick a dee and finch. A few of the pictures I took today.....

Bee on Teasel

Don't know what this is, looks like some kind of wasp.



Tricia said...

Going out with the camera sounds a much better option to me OC, than having to do the clearing out!

I, for one, will miss those bees when they disappear for the winter.

Enjoy your reading :)

Jan said...

Super pics, shame about the ones that went blurry.

Toffeeapple said...

Fantastic bee shot. Aren't they amazing? I think the 'wasp' is a hoverfly.

Well done on all that work, don't injure yourself though!

oldcrow61 said...

Toffeeapple, thanks for telling me that is a hoverfly. I googled it and it's a natural enemy of garden pests. Nice to know.

Toffeeapple said...

They are marvellous little creatures, they help with pollination too, you can never have too many!

Pete said...

love the bee OC

Juli said...

The weird thing about the people shopping like that is that we're in Missouri *~*

I stock up like that a few times a year or when I can but it seemed like they were expecting a lot more then I'm expecting.

I love the Hovers, we don't see them very often here but I always smile when i do.

Do you have hummingbird moths there ? they're so amazing. The first time I saw one I thought I had discovered a new species :)

healing for your aches ! what book are you reading ?

oldcrow61 said...

Juli, I checked the hurricane watch site and it's now calmed down considerably.
Yes, we have the hummingbird moths here. They really are amazing. I've had them in the garden twice. The first time I saw them I thought they were hummingbirds and was over the top with excitement as we have no hummingbirds here on the island. I got a closer look and saw that they were a type of moth. Then I found out what they were. I didn't see any in the garden this year.

The book I'm reading at the moment is a Martha Grimes called Dust. Today I bought a book with writings about angels. I often feel my angels/spirits around me.

Carin Fuchs said...

I like your wasp picture very much! Since the wasp is sitting in the very center of the flower she is almost 'melting' with the flower and it looks like a new creation of a flower.

BTW Your Soda Bread is delicious though - for my taste - a bit too sweet to go along with hummus. But then, I might have converted the messures not correctly and added to much sugar! LOL
Anyway, the Bread is fantastic with butter and honey and I will certainly bake it again, maybe with a bit less sugar.