Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dull Wednesday

Years go by without my need to see the doctor as I rarely have as much as a headache, so after the flu/cold I had a couple of weeks ago I knew something was wrong as I wasn't feeling quite myself. Coughing a lot and getting tired after doing some of the things that I do every day. Monday I figured it had gone on long enough and I phoned the clinic at 9:00 am. I just happened to luck into an appointment for 9:15 am. So, yelled out to Roger, "Get the car started, I have to be at the clinic in 15 mins." I find out that I have pneumonia, not bad mind you, so I've been put on anti-biotics and a liquid medicine. The doctor is looking at my meager chart and says that I haven't had any blood work done in a long time. Now I have to go to the hospital the next time we're in Gander and get a load of blood work done. This morning the doctor phones and says he's setting up appointments at the hospital for me to get a bone density test and mammogram. Heaven only knows what kind of shape I'll find that I'm in when all these tests come back.

This morning I decided to haul all the boxes of craft stuff out and put in the room by the sewing machine. I want to try to get rid of as much of it as I can by making things. Also boxes of goodies for making seasonal wreaths, I'm going to make up a few of those as well. It's been ages since I've put my hand to any of this and I'm starting to get a little excited about it all. Years ago I would spend all winter doing projects, jointed teddy bears, all manner of dolls and other things as my mother and I had a craft shop that was open during the summer months and we had a lot of tourists in the area.

Today is overcast with a chance of flurries this afternoon and temperatures going down to -3 C overnight. Looks like the mild weather is over with now. Can't complain as we've had a marvelous Autumn. It was near 20C just a few days ago so decided to have a look around for insects, hoping the warm weather would have brought some of them out. Just one lone fly and had to take that picture at some distance away. Flies just won't let you get close.

Last flowers standing.

Rose hip


Lily said...

Good luck with those blood tests. I feared the worst with mine but they all came back fine - bet you'll find the same thing x

oldcrow61 said...

Lily, I hope so, scary though isn't it.

Tricia said...

Sorry to hear you're not 100% yet. At least now you're being treated, this will speed up the healing process.

'Tis scary having tests (and waiting for the results) but at least your doctor's looking after you.

Toffeeapple said...

You'll be fine, doctors make such a fuss these days. We'll be with you anyway.

Love the pictures, especially the rose hip it looks like a pin cushion! Don't think I've seen one like that before.

Pete said...

((((oc)))))) look after yourself sweety

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good thing they caught the pneumonia early. Hope the tests come back ok.

Border Reiver said...

Hope all goes well oldcrow, I'm sure it all will be fine but best to have a good check up and calm the nerves. All the best and thinking about you.

Cicero Sings said...

Doctors! We avoid them like the plague ... as we too, are seldom sick. Hope you are better soon ... and I'm sure your tests will come back A okay.

A most interesting rose hip ... I've never seen a prickly one before!

Janine said...

Thats great they were able to see you so quickly and sort you out. No more rushing out in the early morning in your nightie to fill the birdfeeder ;)