Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday, Nov. 9th.

Bloggers block once again. Well, not really, there just hasn't been much to blog about lately. The weather has been rainy and cool this past few days. Roger returned from his holiday on Friday. He had an enjoyable time by all accounts. He left from San Francisco to return home and had a lunch packed to take on the plane as they don't feed you anymore unless you pay extra. He forgot to take the lunch and was so hungry once he was up in the air that he broke down and paid $7.00 for a sandwich which he says was crap. Also had a hell of a time trying to get the plastic it was wrapped in off. lol I can just picture it as he can get frustrated with things like this quite easily. Anyway, he's happy to be home once again.

I've noticed a lot of Christmas ads on television lately. I don't say there will be any let up with it now. Which reminds me that I have to think of what presents to buy for family and friends when I'm in the city the end of the month. Always seems to be a problem for me. Last year I concentrated on books for most but I'm at a loss this year. The next question is, will I decorate the outside with lights this year. I didn't last year as I thought it was a waste of time. Just wasn't in the spirit of it all. On the other hand I have lots of outdoor lights just sitting in boxes growing older and older.

The card in my camera went kaput a couple of weeks ago. A friend picked me up another one a few days ago and brought it to me this morning. This one is a 2 GB one as opposed to the 1 GB one I had been using. Pete suggested that I buy myself two or three so I always have extra on hand and I'm thinking that would be a good idea. Will have a look when I go to St. John's. I had to go outside to try it out of course so just a few pictures. All the insects have disappeared and flowers have finished so not much around these days to take pictures of.

Some of the girls. They have finally grown new feathers after their moult.

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Yoke said...

Love your pictures of what is around in your garden these days, including the handsome girls of course!

Roger must be very happy to be home in the clingfilm free home too, LoL. Aren't males all the same? Francis is similar; anything double wrapped in plastic he absolutely hates.

oldcrow61 said...

lol Yoke, maybe they are all alike.

Tricia said...

Love that tree stump OC and the iron pot/stove (?) with the greenery bubbling out of it.

I have to agree with Pete :) Having more than one card is a very good idea - that way you're not caught out!

Hope you enjoyed your hols too :D

J said...

It blows me away that it's already time for the holidays. I always enjoy your pictures. The stump and the fluffy white hen are my favorites today.

Lily said...

mmm, those berries look LUSCIOUS!!

Anna said...

As for Christmas presents, I'm going to try to get as much as possible from places like Etsy this year.

I'd much rather buy something that's handmade by someone who gets a fair proce for it than buy something mass produced in a soulless factory or by an exploited child in a sweatshop.

Love the pictures as usual!

Janine said...

The girls are looking sassy.
Sorry to hear about your memory card woes. I have never had any problems with lexar cards, I had a sandisk card die on me so I wont buy those anymore.

Cicero Sings said...

I can well imagine what that sandwich tasted like ... cardboard! Bleck. Poor Roger. He will NEVER forget his lunch again.

The girls are lookin' right spiff again as they go about their bug control!

Never a dull moment on YOUR site!

Carin Fuchs said...

Your 'girls' are lovely!

LOL We have an add about lowfat- products and how they taste.
It shows a young lady biting into a slice of bread with a PICTURE of bacon on top of it! I guess that's about how Roger's sandwich tasted. LOL LOL LOL

Gallicissa said...

If I were you I would ask Santa for a new Lens....!

oldcrow61 said...

Gallicissa, why do you say that and what kind of lens are you talking about? Does it seems that there is something wrong with the camera, I don't know much about this stuff. Help!! lol

Roses and Lilacs said...

I got a really god buy on SD cards at I've been using them for about 2 years and they work great. Had to laugh at the sandwich story (don't tell Roger I laughed;). It just sounds so like something I would do.

Gallicissa said...

OC, I suggested a lens assuming you are a dSLR user. But after checking the exif info of your photographs, I realised that you use a Canon Powershot S3, which is a super duper camera!

Your pictures are so good (now, I am not buttering you up)that I was honestly fooled into believeing that you are shooting them from a dSLR + a telephoto lens of some sorts!

That is why suggested an 'extra lens' to the kit, which wouldn't hurt. (Surely, you really don't need excuses to buy lenses. Do you?)

So, I you can choose two paths:
stay faithful to your good old Powershot or think about going to the next level; the fun, exciting and expensive world of dSLR!

Santa is flexible guy, I am told.

oldcrow61 said...

Gallicisa, Thanks for setting me straight, lol. I was a bit worried. I would love a dSLR and I know Santa is a flexible guy but I don't think he could fork over that much money, lol, lol. I do so enjoy my little Canon so it will have to do for a while yet.