Friday, November 14, 2008

Nothing but Gulls

A nice but chilly day. We decided to go to Glovertown, 14 klms away as I had once again run out of sunflower seeds and suet blocks. The birds need the fatty foods to keep warm on the cold nights we're having now. After buying the bird food we decided to drop into the Goodwill and have a poke around. Himself headed for the mens department and I spied boxes of xmas decorations on the floor. While going through those, I hear him say, "What do you think of this." omg, he had on a jacket of the most blasting, brilliant yellow colour I'd ever seen. "I hate it" says I. "You don't like it" he says with a crest fallen face, "Why?" I say, "It's the most awful thing I've ever seen." Then he comments "Well, if I ever got lost, I'd be easy to find." Off he went again. I saw a coat that looked quite nice so tried it on. It didn't suit me at all so put it back on the rack. Then as I was putting my jacket that I had worn there back on a voice besides me says "What are you getting that for, you already have one just like it." Tut, tut, and rolling of eyes. lol. So, we come away with the great yellow jacket and a glitzy tree top with coloured lights that I found.

Got back home and filled the feeders. The little chick a dees know that when I take down the sunflower seed feeder that it's going to be immediately filled up so many were waiting on the branches. As I was bringing it back to the tree they were jumping on it and taking seeds while it was still in my hands. Once the suet blocks were in the cages and put back up the woodpeckers started arriving.

Pictures of Gulls that I took on the way.

My first attempt at getting a bird in flight and was so excited that I missed his bottom half, lol.


Pete said...

nice pics Oc.

he bought the coat???

flydragon said...

Ha, love it. Men can be so entertaining sometimes, can't they?

Great shots of the gulls, too.

Tricia said...

A yellow jacket- my golly - did you get any sunglasses OC?

Your birds do sound hungry and I bet they're glad to have you looking after them :)

Great pictures; love your shopping journey.

Janine said...

Looking forward to seeing the old bird in his new plumage. Those are big gulls!

Yoke said...

Himself will be like Big (Yellow) Bird in Sesame Street. remember?

I got a yellow rain-poncho which got me the name of Big Bird as well in the beginning.
Started leaking aftr 10 years of usage up front. Exactly above my legs, having me return home with a wet lap.
In the cupboard since!

Your Chicka dees sound like real members of the parasidae family. Its cousin, the Coal Tit (looks more like a 'twin' apart from the white stripe) behaves very similar when I put food out.

Yoke said...

Looks like a Great Black backed Gull to me, OC. have those here also. Lovely pictures.

Is your woodland Conifer trees too?

oldcrow61 said...

Yoke, there are lots of Spruce and Juniper trees in the woods but also Birch, Aspen, Alder, Wild Cherry, Rowan and a few other that I can't think of at the moment.
I hope the jacket himself bought doesn't last 10 years like yours, lol. I can't get over how much your Coal Tit looks like our Chick a Dee.