Friday, November 21, 2008

Tiring Day

Yesterday we went to Gander, Roger had a dental appointment and I had to go to the hospital for blood work. We figured we'd leave at 10:00, get to the hospital around 11:00. I gave myself an hour there as it usually takes time to register then wait my turn, etc. Then we'd have two hours shopping until dental appointment at 2:00 letting us get home before dark.

I made myself a sandwich as I had to fast from the night before and knew I'd be starved by the time I finished at the hospital. Roger had a good meal before we left giving himself time to floss and brush as he wouldn't be able to eat again before dental appointment. We arrive at the hospital at 11:00, I register and get a number and am told to sit down and wait to be called. I was only sitting for a minute when my number came up. In I go, a bit nervous, sit in chair, look up and himself is looking though the window in the door making faces, lol. After having about five vials of blood taken I go back out. "You're such a baby," he says, "You had your face all screwed up." lol. Well, it all took less than 10 minutes so we had almost an extra hour to fill.

First stop, one of the larger department stores. I was looking for xmas gifts and really didn't know what to get. So many people!! I was getting agitated. I don't know why people leave there cart in a position across the aisle while looking at something and no one can get through, me in particular. I don't know how many times I had to shove one out of my way. I did however manage to get a few presents. Then it was off to a few more shops. It was nearing 2:00 by then so off to the dentist. The place was packed! After registering, we sat down to wait. 2:15 rolled around and we were wondering why Roger hadn't been called in yet. He mumbles something like, "She said something about 3:00." I said, "Three??, maybe you should go up and check that out. You might have gotten the time wrong." Up he goes to the desk, back he comes, "She says my appointment was for 3:00." Noooooooo!

Well, we got home just as it was getting dark, both exhausted. Friends dropped by after supper to let me know that they were going to the city tomorrow and asked if I'd like a ride in with them. So, if all goes well, I'll be off tomorrow and not be back until late next week.

Now, on to something else. The last few pictures I've taken look grainy. If anyone can tell me why, please do so. Make it simple though as I'm a babe in the woods where the camera is concerned.


Tricia said...

What a day you've had OC! - no wonder it was tiring - hope you don't have too long to wait for the results; shame about the wrong dental appointment time! Lol

I empathise about shopping with the rest of the world - an unpleasant experience and one that can make me very bad tempered!

Off to the City hopefully? Sounds as though you are having a bit of a holiday ?

Grainy pictures? I'm not very knowledgeable, but this can be caused by having the ISO setting up quite high. It might be worth checking what you have it set at? If I use 800 or higher (ie in bad light) on my camera I normally get a much "grainier" look.

Although if you've taken the picture on "auto" setting, then the ISO would be automatically selected. Wish I could be of more help.

Hopefully, someone with more knowledge than me will be along help you out.

oldcrow61 said...

Tricia, yes, the pictures were taken on auto.

flydragon said...

Grainy?? These look pretty darn good to me. I know absolutly nothing about cameras, so I can't help you out. I'm a point and shoot, and hope for the best, as you can tell when looking at my poor shots:)

oldcrow61 said...

lol flydragon, I'm much like you...point and shoot. As to the photos, they look grainy to me. Maybe the lens needs cleaning.

Cicero Sings said...

Och ... shopping ... ugh! Not my fave thing. Two hours and I've had it! Especially mall shopping. And I hate the press of crowds ... no, don't like crowds at ALL.

Glad you got the unpleasant blood work over with. I almost always feel like fainting the few times I've had blood work.

City, what city? Hope you have a fun time. Will miss your posts.

Graininess ... I think it could be an ISO issue myself.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Looks like 'noise'. It's an unavoidable result of shooting in dim light. Since the photos are otherwise great, I would suggest trying 'noise reduction' software. Programs can be downloaded from the web for free and are very easy to use. I have Noiseware Community Addition from the Major Geeks site:


Janine said...

Photos look fine, a little bit of "noise" probably caused by low light. Nothing wrong with camera.
With all the technological breakthroughs in medicine these days, I dont understand why they still have to take so much blood!

J said...

Been catching up with your blog. Your pics always look great to me.
Getting out in the stores is a pain in the a** for me. I'm going thru a very antisocial spell right now at a time when I'm having to deal with a lot of folks dealing with mom's health.
You have a great and safe trip.

oldcrow61 said...

Now that a couple of you have mention "noise", I think you may be right. As I recall, there was low light. Yay, I've learned something new, thanks.

bskaad said...

I hate waiting room, doesn't mater if it's the dentist or doctor , i get sick in my stomach, i think it is a result of childhood experiences..

I looked at you beautifully pictures and i also can see the grain in them, but they are still beautiful.

I think you are using to high ISO, try to lover it (100-400) and it should be better.

Some times if you are using low ISO and the light is poor, you have to use a stand to avoid the shaking.

If you shooting in low light and auto with low ISO the shutter speed is longer, thats why you need a stand for the camera.

Goldmember AKA Cus AKA Cazaux said...


Sorry I hadn't seen your comment.

Im proud of the veg we have grown for a first year.

Its not been easy, not by a long shot but its certainly been worth it.

Thanks for looking me up, beautiful pictures on yur blog. I love them.



st said...

yup low light, but i still like the squirrel.

Border Reiver said...

Oldcrow your photos are always good. and as others have said, it looks like noise at low light. One of the drawpacks of digital over film (which is why wildlife filmmakers still prefer mini DV for outdoor over HD, as the light gathering is better), tough one to get right. Compared to some of mine which are quite frankly awful, you shots are positively "champion" as we say in the North East of England.... as for Christmas Shopping, I'll leave that until January, far far too stressful !!

Pete said...

OC send me the photos.

oldcrow61 said...

Thanks everyone for all your help. Really appreciated.