Friday, February 06, 2009

Cold and Busy Day.

Getting up early this morning I expected the worst. The weather report for last night was blizzard conditions and up to 30 cm of snow. It didn't happen, well, we did get about four inches maybe a little more. Put the coffee on, fed cats and then went outside and shoveled the deck and steps. Still dark, I let the chickens out of there main house into their greenhouse area, brought out food and fresh water to them then proceeded to get up on the ladder to brush the snow off the roof of the greenhouse. I could see quite well because the light in the greenhouse was shining through. That done, I figured that I might as well haul the ladder around and get the snow off the bird feeders as I figured they would be here early today. While hauling the ladder around himself inside was yelling out the door, "You're going to break your neck if you don't wait until daylight." "Right" says I and continue on to the highest feeders first. What a glorious time of day....dead silence, no wind, the air so fresh and clean that you just want to sing and the moons light making glittery stars on the freshly fallen snow.

Daylight soon arrived and the plow had been up and down the road a few times. Now was the time to get bundled up again and start clearing the snow out of the driveway. With both of us working at it, it didn't take too long. It was awfully cold though and both of us had very red cheeks. No snow to speak of to come in the next few days, just a few flurries here and there.

Some pictures taken early this morning.

The Tracks....

The culprit.




Cleo has the best idea for a day like today.


flydragon said...

I still laugh everytime I see your bushy tailed friend. I don't always laugh at my 8-10 bushy tailed enemies though.

Tricia said...

Now that IS snow OC! Shovelling and clearing must be a never ending task for yourselves.

Beautiful snowy trees and lovely pictures. The "culprit" peering round the tree is great! Lol. Our squirrels haven't been seen since we had the snow!

Roses and Lilacs said...

The snow is lovely on those evergreen trees. I love the last photo of the kitty napping.

Cicero Sings said...

We had a skiff of snow overnight ... probably won't need shoveling. All that shoveling will keep you in shape!

I too, love the last cat picture. Doesn't it know what to do when the weather gets cold?!! I love the composition of the picture too. Love all the neat things in your house.

Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

Bit sad there Oldcrow, I'd hoped to enlarge your last photo and have a peek at the books on your shelves..but it didn't enlarge enough.... nosey huh? Probably explains why I'm not invited to parties :-)

Fab photos again of the Jay and Squiggle, I can just imagine you out there in the quiet. Had to walk part way into work yesterday, lovely hearing the crunch crunch as I walked through new snow.

oldcrow61 said...

Flydragon, yeah, he is a doll. Sorry to hear that you have so much trouble with yours.
Tricia, we do shovel a lot over the winter.
Roses and Lilacs, kitty napping is the only sensible one, lol.
Cicero, I do keep telling myself that the shoveling keeps me in shape, lol.
Andrew, when I see bookshelves my first instinct is to have a look at what's there, probably why I'm not invited to many parties either, lol.

Pete said...

i'd hibernate

Juli said...

I so love the quiet of early mornmings. It's like wondering into some great secrat place, even tho you've been there a hundred times before :)

I also like to see what's on the bookshelves. you can tell a lot about a person by how much Terry pratchett they read.