Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We went to the hospital yesterday so I could get the necessary tests done. As the car is at the garage, a friend was kind enough to drive us there. The highway was pretty good considering the few snow falls we've had lately. I got the tests all over pretty quickly and we were back home again in time for lunch.

The weather report on the news last night said we could get 30 cm. and maybe even 40cm. tonight but then again they said it might just veer off and miss us. If indeed it does hit, it will be the heaviest snowfall of the season. This morning is overcast and quiet, feels like the calm before the storm.

I was in the driveway a few early evenings ago when about half a dozen Cedar Waxwings landed on the vines going over the fence eating the berries. I couldn't believe it and they were only a few feet away acting as if I wasn't there at all. Didn't get a picture as I figured by the time I got in the house for the camera they would be gone. They are such beautiful birds. Then yesterday afternoon I saw the hawk once again fly up into a tree. I should have known something was up as there were no other birds about and it was dead silent outside. Again, went for the camera and quietly walked up to my knees in snow over to the woods but no sign of him.

A few pictures of the snow we already have.

Looking to the West.

Looking to the South.

Wheel barrow.

The brothers.



flydragon said...

Hi oc. Sorry about all this business with the doctors. Hope these last tests will settle it for you.

Sometimes it's hard to gauge just how deep the snow is but that picture of the wheelbarrow really shows it:)

Ali said...

Afternoon chicka! Hope those tests get things sorted out for you.

I love that photo of your kitties, looking out the window. And the moth! I recall we had a (very) false Spring here, the latter part of January and I was really surprised to see a butterfly!

Keep well. Ali@ACL

Pete said...


better the waxwings were lovely to see!

Jan said...

It looks beautiful OC, but I don't envy you one bit. It's gorgeous here, dry, warm and windless. Been out doing stuff in the garden three days now in t-shirt. Bring it on!

avalon said...

What a wonderful picture of the cats in the window wonder what they were thinking " if you think i am going out there you are very much mistaken" We moan about our little bit of snow that stopped the whole of london two weeks ago we britsh must be a laughing stock abroad!! looks beautiful there

Roses and Lilacs said...

It seems early for cedar waxwings. Maybe it's an omen for and early spring;) Love the blue bottles on your window sill. The kitties certainly are gentlemen not to knock them off;)

Cicero Sings said...

I too wondered what was going through those cats' minds as they gazed out the window (such an interesting window). I do hope the medical stuff gets settled and over and done with soon. No fun going for appointments etc. Glad you got a ride.