Sunday, February 22, 2009


Friday the garage called saying that the part that was ordered for the car had come in from the mainland and would be put in the car that afternoon. Roger was waffling back and forth....should he walk up and get the car later that day or wait until Saturday. A couple of hours later he got another phone call from the garage telling him the part that arrived was the wrong one for the car and it would be Tuesday before they could get another. You don't realize how much you need a car until you don't have one. There is no bus or taxi service for us in this community so if you don't have a car, you walk.

I'm feeling that need to start planting. It always happens this time of year. I say every spring that I'm not buying any more seeds to start as it's too much of a hassle. Our summers are very short with the last frost being the middle of June, consequently if I start seeds it means bringing them in and out of doors every day. Now, after saying all of this, the last time we went shopping outside of the community I ended up buying eight packs of seeds. I just can't seem to resist, it's madness. Several of the packs are sunflower seeds. Several years ago I grew a few sunflowers in the large bed in the front amongst the perennials, fall came and I just left the seed heads on the plants for the birds. Spring comes along and I see all these plants coming up that I recognize as sunflowers. How they survived the winter I'll never know. I ended up with loads of sunflowers and they put on such a display that I had people coming to the gate asking if they could come in and see them. It was a lovely sight so I'm going to try to grow them again.

Last week we had a lovely snow storm that went on for almost two days. I have to admit that when a storm is swirling the trees and snow around and you can hear the sound of the wind, it's such a lovely feeling of comfort somehow to be inside the house "the cave", looking out at nature in all it's glory. There are moments of feeling part of it all. They say there's another storm coming up the Eastern Seaboard. Winter has arrived!!!

I did get a few pictures in the early morning when it was all over.

The wheel barrow before.

And after.

Outside front door.


Tattyanne said...

It looks beautiful OC, a true winter wonderland. It has been really springlike over here, another week or two and the sowing season will be well underway. I am surprised to read that your summers are so short! How do you cope? I love the summer months! Tatty X

Tricia said...

Now that IS snow OC and it looks beautiful - given that your wheelbarrow looks almost buried, is it possible to lose things until the snow melts?? Lol

oldcrow61 said...

Tattyanne, I really like summer as well. Wish it was a lot longer.
Tricia, lol, yeah, I do find things showing up after the snow melts.

Cicero Sings said...

You do in deed have a lot of snow! Love the ladder. We are supposed to get snow this week ... we shall see. At the coast they have spring already!

I thought our growing season was short but yours is even shorter. I never have success with starting seeds indoors but guess what I bought this year? LOL

oldcrow61 said...

Cicero, lol, I think I can guess what you've bought. We never give up, do we!

flydragon said...

Oh my, you certainly got it didn't you, but it makes for wonderful photos.
Sorry about the part for the car. What a pain for you:(

Goosey said...

What lovely pictures of the snow, we don't get much of it here but when we do we get very excited about it and don't cope very well with it either!