Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring in the Air.

The weather has been wonderful. Very springlike. Not that we aren't going to have a few more snow storms but I'm excited. Today we even sat on the deck with just sweaters on. Mind you there is still snow on the ground but the deck is cleared. Chickens are out, up on the deck, laying about in the sun.

We went to Gander early this morning, our monthly trip for groceries, bird seed, kitty litter, etc. The highway was like summer, dry as a bone. We bought a new coffee maker as the one we have has been giving us trouble. I also bought two packs of peat pellets for starting seeds. The stores are getting all their gardening stuff out now and I had to shut my eyes so I wouldn't come home with the car loaded down.

Some good news, my brother is coming to St. John's for a week in April. I expect I'll go in for a few days to see him. My parents are so excited to have all their children (two of us) under one roof. When my brother was there last fall and I went in, it was wonderful. Just the four of us and I hadn't laughed so much in a long time. What fun we had.

Later in March a friend, an actor, is doing a one man show at the Heritage Centre here in Eastport. He'll be staying with us at that time.

I only just found out about a gym opened here. All kinds of machines apparently. Costs $35.00 a month. A friend is going to check it out. Maybe I'll join up, don't know yet.

That's about it, nothing much going on at present. A few pictures taken recently.

Sunrise yesterday morning.

Blue Jay


flydragon said...

I take it the car is now up and running. Love that sunrise!!
Our temp yesterday morning was 56 F, yesterday afternoon 22 F. It's been a roller coaster ride for a few weeks now, but I'll take it over steady cold, cold, cold:))

oldcrow61 said...

Yes, car is up and running. I'll take this over cold, cold, cold, lol

Cicero Sings said...

We had a resurgence of winter but things are to warm up again as the week progresses. I'm glad your gals are getting some sun!!!!

We were looking you up on the map, seeing how you were situated. D used to work for the weather service and he says that there was a weather station in Gander and knew guys that got rotated through that office.

Ah yes, the gardening stuff is appearing. I took a vegetable gardening book out of the library today.

Glad the car is up and running again. Sure hard to live without one isn't it?

st said...

i like the sunrise

Tricia said...

Doesn't seem to matter what age Mum's and their children are (Lol), it's always great to be all together, especially when it doesn't happen that often. Sounds as though you're in for a great time with all your visitors and visiting :D

and that sunrise - WOW

oldcrow61 said...

Cicero, The temperature is going down to -12 today. Winter is in no way over yet but getting there. Yes, there still is a weather station in Gander. We lost it for a while but after many complaints, they put it back. Thankfully we now get a proper weather prediction.

oldcrow61 said...

st, yay, you're back. Big hugs.

Tricia, yes the visit with brother should be fun. He's great.

Anonymous said...

I love your jays! Glad to know old Man Winter is loosing his grip a bit over there. We've had low double digits here in England, tho the weather service says this first week of March is going to be chillier. Still nice tho. Saw crocuses this week! So nice to hear birdsong in the early a.m. now too.

Speaking of brothers, I've not seen mine in a long time. Hoping that will change this year. Have a good visit with yours.

Take care,
Ali @ A Cosy Life

Roses and Lilacs said...

You changed your avatar. I didn't recognize you at first;)

Always love seeing your bird photos. Wonder why my bluejays never visit the suet feeder. They used to.

Exciting to have your brother visiting. Hope you all have a wonderful time.

oldcrow61 said...

Marnie, sorry about the avatar. I'd lost the picture for some reason and just now found it or one similar.