Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Snow Melting..Whooo Hoooo!

What a thrashing the snow has gotten. Yesterday the temperature was +10 C when I looked at the thermometer at some point during the day. It was heaven! Little rivulets of water running here and there. It was difficult not to think it was spring. We can get a few more snow storms yet.

This morning we went for an hours walk, well it ended up to be about an hour and a half. I took the camera and himself says "You picked the bleakest day to take pictures." He was right! It was overcast but not too cold and wonder of wonders, no wind.

First though a couple of pictures that I took a couple of days ago. Any chance to use the macro setting, lol.

This is a drop of water on the end of a tree branch. It's picked up the reflection of things around it. I was surprised to see this when I took the picture off.

I was trying to get the ice on this fake poinsettia. I had a bunch of them in pots under the kitchen window over the holidays.

And so for the walk. Nothing too exciting but you can get the lay of the land.


Tricia said...

I imagine it's cause for celebration when the snow melts! The water droplet picture is wonderful and that's some scenery! Thanks for the tour :D

Ali said...

Looks great! Nice to see the ground again, isn't it. March is a funny old month, but Spring is coming.


Pete said...

ah spring!!

Mattzappa said...

You guys get the real snow, we're jealous. A week of snow in the Uk and the country is 'at a standstill'.
My sister in younger years moved to the Rockie mountains with her husband we're he worked in a mine. First month of snow; she came home.

oldcrow61 said...

lol Mattzappa, I'm well aware of how your sister must have felt.

Weeping Sore said...

Thanks for the walk around your neighborhood. It still looks pretty bleak and monochrome to my eyes, but any sight of bare ground this time of year is pretty welcome.
The photo of the water drop is a masterpiece.

Cicero Sings said...

We got two days of a big melt, then yesterday not so much and now today ... SNOWING!!! Oh, oh, oh! But it IS only the beginning of March.

Toffeeapple said...

~~Stunning water droplet shot. The others are good to, you live in a beautiful area.