Monday, March 09, 2009

CATS!! and other stuff.

Let me think now.....Thursday morning I believe it was, at around 3:00 am, the problem was CATS. One, the fat one, plonked her big body across the top of my head, another decided to lie across my shoulder, another was clawing at the mattress on my side of the bed and yet another was in the doorway with non stop meowing and another was springing from the bed to the window ledge and back down onto the bed. By 4:30 am, I couldn't take it anymore so I got up. By the time I got to the kitchen there was a line up by the food bowls.

Then I had a Xmas Cactus budding. The first time it has and I was well pleased checking on it daily to see how the buds were coming along. The cats managed to knock off all the buds but one so I have a lovely Cactus with just one flower.

I put new carpet on the steps once again. What's this....about five times now in a matter of a couple of years. I found a colour that I really liked and was so happy with it once I had it put down. The part on the bottom step is totally shredded, just strings thanks to one cat in particular.... Ah well, regardless of how much grief they give you, you've gotta love em!

As to the weekend, the time went ahead an hour Saturday night. Sunday, a friend brought me two large bags of local berries he picked last fall and had frozen. One bag of wild blueberries and the other partridge berries. He wanted to trade them for eggs which pleased me no end as I can well use the berries especially as summer isn't far away and I usually make berry muffins, tea cakes. etc for visitors. The weather was fablulous all weekend. Very spring like. So many birds coming back and forth to the feeders yesterday morning. I had to just stand outside for the longest time watching them.

We're off to Glovertown early this morning. Himself has some clothes to drop off at the Goodwill and I have to go to the supermarket there to pick of some things needed for the birthday dinner I'm having for a friend on Wednesday.

The one blossom cactus.

The little dear was here again yesterday.

Chick a Dee. So hard to get a good picture as they don't stay still for long.


Tricia said...

Your cat's antics really had me giggling - which is something I suspect you weren't doing at 3.00 a.m.!

Ooh Blueberries..and muffins... and tea! put the kettle on OC I'm booking my air ticket for the summer

Your squirrel is obviously trying to look very appealing --- and succeeding by the looks of it LOL

Weeping Sore said...

As I read your post, I was counting cats. I got to five - a number that amazes me because two is all I can manage. A friend once told me that people with one cat are strange: you need at least 2 so they have company. But her rule was if you have more than 3 you qualify as a crazy cat person. I suppose you could do worse. Sorry about your Xmas cactus. Mine flowers sometime in April or May. Berry muffins...mmmmm

oldcrow61 said...

Tricia, come on over, I'll have the muffins all ready, lol.

Weeping sore,lol, actually there are six cats. I don't know what number six was doing. I guess I am a crazy cat person. I did have thirteen at one time. Hmmm! Wonder what that makes me, lol.

Ali said...

Proves the saying, "dogs have owners, cats have servants!"...LOL! Your cactus flower is gorgeous. I love that colour.


Toffeeapple said...

Those chickadees are so 'tit-like'. Beautiful little creatures. I still love the squirrel, such a character.

And one bloom is better than no bloom!