Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Snow!

A couple of you said that you looked up "Sheila's Brush" so I myself got curious and found this site with a bit about Sheila and some other weather lore. http://www.bishops.k12.nf.ca/science/escience/weather.htm I saw some interviews on the television news with people on the street in St. John's. They all commented that yes, it was Sheila's Brush.

We were still doing some shoveling yesterday, we were making a pathway up to the house. We decided that if one of us started on one end and the other on the other end, we would get it done quite quickly. It worked! We have what we can only call a road cut from the gate to the back steps, lol. It turned out to be a beautifully sunny day and the temperatures went a bit above zero.

Got up this morning and on looking outside saw that we had another fall of snow. Mind you, it's only about 4 inches so no big deal but it's still coming down....argh!! The weather man on the news said "Don't put your shovels away yet!"


Cicero Sings said...

We've be told we might have a 60% chance of snow flurries today too. BUT, we are hearing and seeing more birds ... Sunday a flock of robins!

Tricia said...

Let's hope that's right OC and it is indeed the "last of the winter" - Fingers crossed that you'll be seeing more green than white before too long.

Anonymous said...

The photos are gorgeous! Even if the reason for them isn't entirely welcome.

Ali @ A Cosy Life