Monday, March 16, 2009

First day of Spring.

I've started....yep, started spring cleaning. Had no intentions of yesterday but there you go, something tweaked inside me and all of a sudden furniture was being hauled out, piled up suitcases being put away, strings of dust vacuumed off the ceiling, etc, etc. And, that's just for starters in one room.

Lovely day though chilly. Although I keep saying how it's been a lot like spring on some days, it will be April before we really see signs of it. Now I know that some of you are seeing spring flowers, even flutters and bees and I'm terribly jealous. But, where I live, just to see a small patch of grass showing up from under the snow is a big plus for the month of March.

This morning himself went up on the roof and cleaned the chimney. Call us crazy but we clean it once a month. I always feel "better to be safe than sorry". Anyway, he cleaned the chimney and was gone for the longest time after. I, of course was busy getting the stove going and making coffee but it did make me wonder what he was doing outside. He comes in all twisted out of shape, he had gone up to put something in the cabin, there was a lot of ice around, he figures if he takes tiny steps he'll be okay but it didn't work. He slipped, went down with an awful bang, hitting on his shoulder, arm and hip. He was just laying there on the ice wondering if he could get himself up or not. Nothing seems broken but I expect there may be some bruising. "A grand start", he says, " to the first day of spring."

A few pictures.
The Boreal Chick a Dee is still around, hanging out with the Black Caps.

Caught in the golden glow of sunrise.


Nan and =^..^= said...

Your photos are wonderful...Ah, the first day of spring in our town in Maine sounds similar to husband is outside chopping a path through frozen snow so the fuel delivery man can get to his destination and hopefully not fall!
We too are excited to see patches of grass and are looking carefully for the green shoots of the spring bulbs to emerge from the soil. The only spring color is the witch hazel that started blooming weeks ago and is yellow.
Hope Himself is fine after the fall, doesn't take much...we try to take tiny steps on icy patches, but find that ice cleats are the best!
Good luck with your spring cleaning!
I'm afraid if I start spring cleaning I won't get any artwork done!
Hope you stop by again!
Nan and the Maine cats

oldcrow61 said...

Nan, it sounds like we have very similar winter/spring conditions. Ah well, won't be long now.

Cicero Sings said...

I'm excited for any bare patch of ground showing too! It was +10 here yesterday with a warm wind and some of the sunny hillsides are melting out fast! But not our yard ... too much shade. The roof though is running!!!!

I'm glad my squirrel has discovered that trick ... I wonder if it will ever learn to pop the top on the peanut feeder?!!!

Lovely picture of the Boreal Chickadee. I don't think we get those here ... only Black Caps and Mountain.

Have a GREEEAAAT spring!

Oh, my condolences to Himself ... I slipped and fell this morning myself!

flydragon said...

I've been waiting and waiting for something to tweak inside me, urging me to get to the spring cleaning...but so far nada!!
But at least no snow or ice here. Not to say it won't snow again:))

Tricia said...

Sorry to hear of Himself's bumps and bruises - seems visiting the cabin it more dangerous than shinning up a chimney!

Lovely pictures OC I really like the Boreal Chick a Dee and the Woodie.

And as for that impish squirrel; I see he's staying under the lid - just in case there's another snow fall. :)

Pete said...

hope you get spring soon. got another pic of the boreal eh :D